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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sign on Behalf 代签 (dài qiān)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 1:49 PM No comments

Similar SGS Card:

Card description:
Wear a baseball cap and pull it over your face. Change your voice... then say PRESENT for your buddy when he clearly isn't in class! No, we shouldn't be encouraging such behaviours... even though its probably rampant anyway.

Oh come on! So we're holier than thou now? Bullshit! I've done the exact same thing and signed for 10 other people. No i didn't get paid for it!

Card ability:
The target player recovers 1 unit of attendance.

"To prevent students from signing on behalf of others, the school will be implementing thumb print recognition for roll calls!"

That sneaky little businessman! The cartoon on the card says the following...

"Will sign on your behalf.
10 dollars per class.
20% discount for familiar people.
Sincere buyers only!"

I love the sense of humor infused into this game!

Number of cards:
(3 ♥, 4 ♥, 6 ♥, 7 ♥, 8 ♥, 9 ♥)


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