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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Similar SGS Card:

Card description:
Clean up the campus! Put up the welcome banners! Rehearse your welcoming drills again and again... and again... and again! Someone very important is coming, and the school's highest management wants to give that VIP a gleaming impression that everything is under control... which is, of course, utter bullshit.

It is exactly because there has been little control that the management is taking extreme measures to enforce discipline. Roll calls every single day!

Card ability:
Used during your action phase on every player except yourself, every player must play a ROLL CARD 点名 card or lose 1 unit of attendance.

(English) "When a minister comes to visit, even the most benevolent teacher would vie against each other to do roll calls."

(Singlish) "When minister come and walk walk that time, even the gam cheng teachers also need to wayang wayang."


I've never experienced any governmental minister come visit during my school days. Ironically, we did have a Hong Kong heavenly star, Leon Lai, come visit us one day, which pretty much turned the whole school upside down. No, we didn't need to do spring cleaning in preparation for Leon Lai.

Things were completely different while i was serving in the army. High level visits were rather common, and the tight measures taken to ensure we give the best impression was simply retarded. I remember using a jacknife to scrape the yellow stains from the urinal... yes it was THAT insane. Did the VIP get anywhere near the damn urinal? Of course not! Not even 100m close! pfft!!!

Number of cards:
(7 ♣
7 ♠, K ♠)


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