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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tattle-Tale 检举 (jiǎn jǔ)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 9:23 AM No comments

Similar SGS card:

Card description:
Don't you just HATE that little snitch? So what if I was smoking in the toilet? So what if I spread wasabi all over your lipstick? How the heck is that your goddamned business?

So you want to go tattle-tale on me, huh? Then you ought to be prepared for the consequences! You, me, outside, right now!

Card ability:
Used during your action phase on any player other than yourself. Starting from your target player, take turns to play ROLL CALL 点名 cards until one of you no longer does so, and that player loses 1 unit of attendance.


I know it's all part of fitting into the mechanism of SGS, but the consequences of this tattle-tale confrontation is... being marked absent?? What an anti-climax! Or perhaps they mean to say the loser gets beaten up so bad he stays home sobbing away and misses class.

Number of cards:
(Q ♥, 
Q ♦)


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