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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

As most of you ardent fans would know, the update on the standard edition 2013 was not that big. There were amendments to Liu Bei (刘备),Huang Yue Ying (黄月英) and Diao Chan (貂蝉) as well as 2 new faction-less heroes Yuan Shu (袁术) and Hua Xiong (华雄) and the rest was basically the same.
Awesomeness inside!

However for the new 2014 edition, I'm happy to report it is quite a bit of awesomeness packed inside.

For starters, I'm loathe to even call it the 2014 edition because it actually has a new name tagged to it. Its called 界限突破, which means 'Breaking Boundaries". I guess Yoka really put in some effort for this update.

1. Heroes
Get ready for this. Not 5, not 10, not 15, but a whopping 21 heroes are either amended or added for this update.

The general idea is that quite a few of the Standard Edition heroes seem to be weaker as compared to the expansion packs, and that some are untouchables. Meaning they are dead weight with no practical use. So the idea is to make all heroes viable. See here for a list of heroes update.

2. New Card, New Category
The expansion packs add on new cards like more armor, more weapons, more horses. This update introduced a new card. But not just any card, because it heralds a new category of cards, called 宝物 or "Treasure Cards"

Treasure cards are played just like an equipment. And there aren't any further rules on them...yet. But the significance of having a new category of cards means there are new mechanisms that the game will build on over time.

New Card
This new card is called 木牛流马, literally translated as "wooden cow, moving horse" and the card is interesting because it functions as a transport tool and you can "transport" cards to another player with this.

Check this out for a more in-depth write-up on the ability.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

San Guo Sha English Blog and e-shop remains in operation

Posted by Sino-Games Customer Service On 6:08 PM 42 comments
Dear Readers,

The original owner of the blog, Ricky, has moved on to his other commitments in family etc and I will be taking over this blog, as well as the e-shop at I'd like to thank Ricky again on behalf of all the readers that has benefitted from his experience and effort to share the many stories that he has and to grow the community.

We have plans to continue to grow the community and if you have any ideas/suggestions, we would like to hear them.

As for those who have sent queries and/or posted orders, we seek your understanding as we sort out the logistics and get answers for you.

If you have any other queries, the mailbox is always open at We look forward to your continued support and hope to hear from you soon. ;p

Thank you
Larry and Friends

Friday, April 12, 2013

Skateboard 滑板 (huá bǎn)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 10:19 AM 2 comments

Card description:
I never got the hang of this! Despite it being brainlessly easy to learn, i never got my head around being comfortable on a skateboard! Maybe that explains why I was never really cool growing up! I got a lot of respect for kids who can do all sorts of insane tricks on a skateboard, simply because I know i can't do what they can do!

Rollerskates 旱冰鞋 (hàn bīng xié)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 10:10 AM No comments

Card description:
In the era where ABBA dominated the radio and John Travolta was actually desirable, rollerskates were the bomb. Credits to whoever invented rollerskates, as it really did give millions around the world a fantastic new form of entertainment.

In fact, it's probably not an exaggeration to say that a whole generation of children were born because their parents met each other having fun on skates.

Card description:
If you were a merchant in China between 1970 to 2000 and you were looking for a product to sell, you cannot go wrong with selling or maintaining these 28-inch wheels bicycles. They probably transported more people to-and-fro in China than any other form of man-made transport in history.

Even today, you would still see elderly folk riding around town with one of these, with its signature C-shaped handlebars with a little bell on one side, and a bare metal rack to ferry their grandchildren or carry their groceries.

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