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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Similar SGS Card:

Card description:
Just the very thought of such people is enough to infuriate! He robbed you of you iPhone in brought daylight, slapped the teacher in front of her students, and pee-ed on the principal's car. He knows no fear, simply because he's got his back covered.

Nobody dares to mess with him, not even the principal, because his dad has the power to make things very difficult for the school, even shut it down!

Card ability:
Before a tool card takes effect, negate the effects of the tool card on one player.

(English) "If you've got the balls, go tell on me. My dad's the bureau chief!"

(Singlish) "Ler wu ji, ler complain lah! Wa lao bei si tao eh!"


This card is a comical twist on a real-life tragedy that occurred in Hebei, China, in October 2010. Li Qiming drove his car through Hebei University campus and ran down 2 students, ultimately killing one of them. Not only did he not stop his car, he proceeded straight to the female dorm to drop off his girlfriend. When stopped by security, he proclaimed "Go ahead, sue me if you dare. My dad is Li Gang!" (我爸是李刚!)

This incident sparked such fury that the news spread like wild fire. Even thousands of miles away in Singapore, this incident received media attention in the daily news. Ever since then, the statement "My dad is Li Gang" became a joke of sorts. To give you an idea of how prevalent this statement is, the predictive text for typing Chinese characters W,B,S,L,G produces 我爸是李刚 as the top predicted text.

Read more about the Li Gang incident here on Wikipedia.

Number of cards:
(Q ♣, K ♣
J ♠)


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