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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chalk Stub 粉笔头 (fěn bǐ toú)

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Similar SGS Card:
Rock Cleaving Axe 贯石斧

Card description:
Ahh!! The good old days! Long before students are slowly poisoned day by day through Xylene fumes from felt markers, students were slowly asphyxiated by chalk dust with every scrape of chalk on the blackboard. I'm not sure which is the lesser evil, though i'm still surprised till this day how teachers manage not to die of cancer by 40.

Chalk has a more sinister advantage for the teachers: it can be broken into bits and then hurled as projectiles. We don't see teachers hurling markers, firstly because they would need to walk over to retrieve it back, and also because recent education laws prohibit throwing anything at students. But in the days of chalk, teachers could simply break off a 1cm stub and dart it at any unfortunate student. It was painful, humiliating, but the stain was also temporary and harmless. Boy was it fun to be a teacher back then!

Weapon ability:
When your ROLL CALL 点名 is neutralized, you can discard 2 cards and your ROLL CALL would still cause damage.

"Remember when you were yawning and drifting into dreamland, the chalk stub that flew straight towards you?"


The components that make up chalk dust is actually quite safe. Inhalation of chalk dust could trigger asthma attacks, but that's about it. Xylene, on the other hand, is very flammable and can cause brain damage from over-exposure. So which is safer? Chalk, or markers?

Number of cards:
(5 ♥)


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