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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Similar SGS Card:
Heaven Scorcher Halberd 方天画戟

Card description:
This, I don't understand. There must be some sort of colloquial meaning behind this... or maybe they just decided to put up something that students can relate to as a weapon. In other societies (and i suspect this is also true in China), having an authentic iPhone while you are still schooling is almost a social status passport. It immediately brands the student as being part of the in-crowd.

But a cheap knockoff as a weapon?? I don't get it! No doubt many students buy knockoff iPhones and Galaxy S3's and whatever because their parents control their finances, but i don't see how this gives them an edge over the real thing. Unless... could it be....? More on this in the Trivia section.

Weapon ability:
When your ROLL CALL 点名 used was your last on-hand card, you can simultaneously target up to maximum of 3 target players (you cannot target yourself).

"Creating knockoffs isn't a crime. I love knockoffs."


Did you know that the knockoffs in China can actually be better than the real thing? Take the iPhone for example. Before SIRI was a reality in iPhone4S, the Chinese knockoff iPhones already had it pre-installed. Of course, it only understood if you spoke Mandarin, and even then it was full of problems, but SIRI was not without its problems too. Furthermore, when 16GB phones were all the rage, the knockoffs were already boasting 64GB space with pre-hacked iTunes store access. In that sense, i guess the knockoffs could actually outgun the real deal!

Number of cards:
(6 ♠)


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