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Friday, April 12, 2013

Similar SGS Card:
Eight Trigrams Formation 八卦阵

Card description:
The most legal and above board way of being absent from class... get a medical certificate from a doctor! Yes we all know you are fit as a fiddle since everyone heard you and your partner shagging loudly in the dorm. But hey, if you can fake a cough and claim a headache, the doctor probably wouldn't deny you immunity from your most-hated teacher.

Armour ability:
When you need to use or play a PRESENT! 到 card, you can flip a judgement card. If the judgement card is red-suited, it is regarded having used or played a PRESENT! card on your behalf.


"For those without power and riches, to suddenly go from dropout to Direct Masters, leaves a terrifying realization for the rest of us."

"官不大的,“拼爹保送” 更可怕!"

Not all doctors are so accommodating. I remember one of the first things our trainers told us when we were recruits in the army is "if you fake your illness, the doctor will rape you, then send you back here for the rest of us to rape you." That pretty much scared the majority of us. Still, almost 20% of all the recruits came down with bad fevers and flu within the first week as their bodies adjusted to the sharp contrast in physical demands. We never did hear of anyone getting raped by the doctor though...

Number of cards:
(2 ♠)


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