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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Similar SGS Card:

Card description:
"SPOT CHECK! What's that magazine you got there?! Aha!!!! Playboy Magazine!! Don't you know this isn't allowed? I'm confiscating this!" Then he sniggers away and heads directly to the washroom with a packet of tissue. Be prepared for your favorite belongings to be taken from you forcefully!

Card ability:
Used during your action phase on any player except yourself. Discard 1 card from your target player.

"Sometimes, the inspector would silently walk into your dorm room, grab your cooking pan, then gently leave after locking back your door."


Have I ever got my dorm room inspected suddenly? Yup! But that was really weird. No doubt I did sneak in a few *ahem* people into my room, they leave bright and early so I had never got caught before (in fact rarely does anyone get caught). But this one inspection kind of freaked me out. The inspector came knocking at my door at 9am, asking me if a had seen my roommate. I haven't actually seen him in our room for over a month by then, and I told them so. Next thing they told me was that if my roomie does come back, call the cops on him!!

Like... whaaa???

Apparently he missed out on module selection completely, took no modules for the entire semester, got himself expelled from the university and he's suspected to be working illegally (he's a foreigner) on his student visa. Within 5 minutes, they changed the lock on my door, then they were gone.

Did i ever see my roomie again? No. But his belongings did mysteriously disappear one night. What happened to him, i never found out. But hey, i guess he didn't play his cards right that time.

Number of cards:
(3 ♣, 4 ♣, 4 ♣
3 ♠ 4 ♠, 4 ♠)


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