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Friday, April 5, 2013

Exam Tips 划重点 (huà zhòng diǎn)

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Card description:
The most "useful" lecture of the entire semester is usually that very last lecture before the self-study break. That's when lecturers will pretty much do a summary of the entire module and, whether on purpose or by accident, the lecturer drops hints as to what might appear in the exams. It is also during these last lectures that many students come out of hibernation and you suddenly realize the module cohort is three times as large as compared to the usual lecture attendance!

Of course, not every lecturer is so benign. I have heard of lecturers who so despise students who rely on "tips" that they drop incorrect tips on purpose. So how do the good students escape this malicious trap? It turns out that the lecturer has mentioned over and over during his routine lecture sessions that they should not trust his tips!

Card ability:
Used during you action phase, all players regain 1 unit of attendance.

"There is a type of examinable boundary known as "the entire textbook", there is another type known as "everything I've mentioned before are important for the exams".


Being an educator by profession puts me in an interesting perspective in terms of examinations. For one thing, the school REALLY wants the students to pass. Some times we as educators cringe at the very low standards of exam questions the school is forcing us to set, yet they are adamant that we must be considerate to those who really can't understand the syllabus.

In simple English, it means even if you don't understand, you don't come to class, you don't deserve to pass, but the school still WANTS you to pass, and makes life difficult for the teachers if we set exam questions anything harder than is insulting to your intelligence. And we wonder why the standards of education is dropping year after year?

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