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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Acoustic Guitar 木吉他 (mù jí tā)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 5:13 PM No comments

Similar SGS Card:
Nil. This is a new weapon. It is vaguely similar to Gender Double Swords 雌雄双股剑.

Card description:
This was the EASIEST way to get a girl's attention. Not everyone has a good voice to sing, not everyone can run 100m under 12 seconds, but with a decent amount of effort, any pimply bum-of-a-teenage-male can play the guitar.

Of course, that's when they realize that the really hot girls are just after their wallets, the mildly hot chicks think you're as sexy as Eric Clapton, and only the socially crippled females find you somewhat more charming.

Technically, this card is meant to be gender specific, meaning its a weapon that guys use against gals. But from the bottom of my heart, rock chicks who can play the guitar are simply irresistible! \m/

Weapon ability:
Activated only when equipped by a male character. When you use ROLL CALL 点名 on a female character and she does not respond with PRESENT! 到, you can draw 1 card from the deck.

"Regardless of the era within a university campus, there will always be the scene of a guitar serenading at the ground floor of the female dorm."


If boys mostly learn to play the guitar to get female's attention, then what is the song that they all have to learn some time or other? No it's not Sweet Child of Mine, Tears in Heaven, or Enter Sandman (Oh God, no!). The song would be More than Words by Extreme. Why? It's very simple... because chicks love that song, and its decently difficult to play so it's has some Wow factor in it.

But if even that doesn't work for you, ask your dad to drive you to school in a BMW 10 series.

Number of cards:
(2 ♠)


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