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Friday, April 5, 2013

Similar SGS Card:
Nil. However this ability is similar to Da Qiao 大乔's "Displacement 流离" ability.

Card description:
Aah... the old "Bros before Hoes" ethic that lasts only as long as her clothes stay on. Men, we've been there before. On one hand cursing your childhood buddy for skipping your weekly SanGuoSha session to take his new girlfriend shopping for knitting material. On the other hand proclaiming how little your bros understand your situation when your Jennifer Aniston-lookalike girlfriend wants you to stay home and make love all day to her.

Ok so maybe not all of us have been in that latter situation... darn it!

Regardless, it's always nice to have a bunch of bros who will cover your back no matter what, and that's what this card is all about...

... right up till the point where they are screwing your gal behind your back that is.

Card ability:
When you become the target of ROLL CALL 点名, play this card and choose 1 player within your attacking distance (except yourself and the player who used ROLL CALL). This chosen player will become the new target of the ROLL CALL card.

"The buddy who shared his cigarettes with me. The nostalgic past that brought me happiness."


It's odd being an objective 3rd party to this "Bros before Hoes" phenomena after we have grown up some. On one hand, we'd love to tell the younger kids how having close buddies are a wonderful and important part of growing up. Yet we also know that the inevitable fallout would occur once either party starts dating girls. It would probably take a couple of bad experiences before a proper balance is found, and based on some recent news articles about old men stabbing each other over their lovers, some people never find that balance altogether!

Number of cards:
(Q ♣, K ♣)


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