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Friday, April 5, 2013

Similar SGS Card:
Blue Steel Blade 青釭剑

Card description: 
Bearing in mind that this game was created in a country where English is the 3rd most spoken language (1st is common Mandarin, followed by geographical dialects), getting a "Grade 6" certificate in English is something that is done only at the university level.

Think of it as getting taking a Japanese language elective, then finish beginner through to advance courses. You get the idea. Now how this translates into a weapon that allows you to ignore your opponent's defenses requires a stretch of the imagination! See Footnote section below.

Weapon ability:
When equipped, you can ignore your target player's armour when you use ROLL CALL 点名.

"In your undergraduate years, obtaining a good score with your Grade 6 English certificate is enough to allow you to disregard your competitors."


Bear in mind that the written English of the mainland Chinese could be quite stellar, with grammar more proper than some of us. On the other hand, that very same Chinese might not be able to string together a fluent English statement verbally. This is nowhere more obvious than when you have Chinese classmates who can barely communicate with non-chinese speaking folk, yet can write technical essays that would make your eyes pop. Well, you win a little, you lose a little!

Number of cards:
(6 ♠)


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