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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Similar SGS Card:

Card description:
Pick and choose the modules you want to take. It's as simple as that! The "pick and choose" mechanism is probably why this card is chosen to replace the old "HARVEST" card in SGS. But game mechanisms aside, the module selection process brings back tons of bad memories! Read about it in the Trivia section.

Card ability:
Used during your action phase. Display as many cards from the deck as there are remaining players, faced up. Beginning from you, every player picks one of the displayed cards and keeps it into his/her hand.

(English) "Module selection is a major battle that an undergraduate student will fight every half a year. The results directly affect your truancy rate and module failure rate."

(Singlish) "Module selection is sibeh important ok? It will affect how often you pontang and whether you da bao the module. Don't pray pray!"


Module selection period was probably one of the TOUGHEST periods during my studying time. No, i'm not referring to exams or tests, but the very fact that we had to go into a mental state of war to shove our way through the system and fight for that slot in the module was just insanely difficult. It was complete chaos!! Hundreds (if not thousands) of students in that year will need to logon to the system at the very second it is available and click away! The surge in traffic alone used to cripple the system within seconds and the damn page would just hang for the next 5 minutes. When it finally refreshes... all the slots are gone. F*CK!! I wonder if they still use the same stupid system today...

Number of cards:
(3 ♥, 4 ♥)


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