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Friday, April 5, 2013

Scholarship 奖学金 (jiǎng xué jīn)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 10:08 AM No comments

Similar SGS Card:
DRAW2 无中生有

Card description:
A source of pride among the smartie pants, an object of endless bragging on the parents part, and a title of envy for the rest of us. Not everyone is cut out for scholarships, and only the rare few who put in the effort get them in the end. The media loves to make a story of the hardworking kid from a broken and penniless home who worked his slippers off to make the scholarship. Good for them! But we also know of other students who get scholarships without having studied a single second in school... how the heck??

Card ability:
Used during your action phase on yourself and draw 2 cards.

"The re-sitting fee paid by the miserable inferior student pays for the scholarship of the joyful superior student."


There are irritating geniuses out there who needn't study a day and still ace all the exams. They also grab all the scholarships, which inflate their egos further and reinforces their belief that they can ace through life without hardwork. Of course, we all know how the story ends for them...

... they become highly paid ministers of state.

Number of cards:
(4 ♥, J ♥)


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