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Friday, April 5, 2013

Punishment 处分 (chǔ fèn)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 10:27 AM No comments

Similar SGS Card:
LIGHTNING 闪电, however the judgement criteria is different.

Card description:
Caught stealing? Public caning for you! Caught upskirting that incredibly hot new female teacher with your camera phone? The headmaster confiscates your phone first THEN public caning for you! Probably the scariest thing to happen in school is public caning, however the disincentive used to also include "public humiliation and embarrassment". Nowadays it is still scary but a disturbing sense of martyrdom is replacing humiliation. Public caning is almost helping the kids gain respect. The world sure is changing!

Card ability: [Time delayed Tool card]
Used during your action phase on yourself. Place this card horizontally in your area. The card takes effect during your next turn.

Players with PUNISHMENT in their area must make a judgement during the judgement phase of their turn.
- If the judgement is a PRESENT! 到 card, that player loses 3 units of attendance.
- If the judgement is any other card, move this card to the next player's area.

There might be a typo in the card ability because it says "需在回合开始前进行判定". This means the judgement for this occurs even before the turn begins (as opposed to after the turn begins and during the judgement phase). The manual seems to indicate otherwise and points to the judgement being made the usual way during the judgement phase (and I have translated it as such).

From a debugging point of view, the manual should be the more dependable version.

Number of cards:
(A ♠)


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