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Friday, April 12, 2013

Similar SGS Card:
Ren Wang Shield 仁王盾

Card description:
This is something quite unheard of at the university level in Singapore, but something that all China undergrads are familiar with. To be qualified for direct-entry into a Master's program means that the student is already offered a Master's program slot even before he has graduated from his undergrad studies. What this means is that this student does not need to undergo interviews or entrance exams, etc. Usually these students are the cream of the crop (naturally) and this could simply be the university's way of retaining their best students into post-grad.

Too bad though, this is probably quite pointless in Singapore. Why? Read about it in the Trivia section.

Armour Ability: [Enforced Ability] 
Black-suited ROLL CALL 点名 cards have no effect on you.

"For those without power and riches, to suddenly go from dropout to Direct Masters, leaves a terrifying realization for the rest of us."

"官不大的,“拼爹保送” 更可怕!"

Why does a direct Master's not sound appealing in the Singapore system? Simply because in Singapore, there exists the "Direct PhD" system. This is slightly different in the way the word "direct" is applied. In the "Direct PhD" system, there is still an interview process and maybe even an entrance exam. But it is "direct" because the candidate does not need to possess a Master's degree before applying. Yup, that's right! You can go from Degree directly to PhD. Ain't nobody got time for a Master's no more!

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