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Friday, April 5, 2013

Similar SGS Card:
Zhuge Crossbow 诸葛连弩

Card description:
This is a tough one to translate. In my schooling days, i've never needed a bloody certificate for the use of a computer. Apparently this is the case in China if you were an arts major. Getting a computer certificate certifies that... well... you know how to use a goddamned computer.

In terms of game mechanics, they decided to use this to replace the Zhuge Crossbow because the calculator can precisely and accurate replicate a calculation multiple times without error (see Footnote). Otherwise, how is damn piece of paper supposed to help you get the teachers fired?! Hmm...

Weapon ability:
When this weapon is equipped, you can use unlimited number of ROLL CALL点名 calls during your turn.

"Humans will never be able to cyclicly repeat 1 single task without fatigue like a computer. Therefore all that humans need to master is the computer."


This computer certificate is sort of like a symbol of computer literacy. It's similar to people going for Windows 8 courses to learn how to use it better. But don't get the idea that the Chinese population are computer illiterate though! My mother-in-law is nearing 60 and is your typical Chinese retiree with only secondary education. It's amazing how she very quickly learnt how to use the computer (typing Chinese characters with a QWERTY keyboard, no less!) barely 2 years ago. Now she regularly uses the webcam to chat with other retirees in the neighborhood and also with in a different country!

Number of cards:
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