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Friday, April 5, 2013

CHOPE! (Seat-Hogging) 占座 (zhàn zuò)

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Card description:
If there is one Singlish (Singaporean colloquial english) expression that I would like proliferate around the world, it would be "CHOPE!" (pronounced "ch"-"oh"-"p"). It's our way of saying "this seat is reserved", though it has evolved into a uniquely Singaporean phenomenon when used in conjunction with a packet of tissue paper. More on that in the Trivia section!

Now back to Seat-hoggers... I GODDAMN F*CKING HATE SEAT HOGGERS! The whole bloody library is half empty but every seat is occupied with a bag, a textbook, or something else. For all I care, they might as well used a used sanitary pad for hogging those seats because it is just as repugnant!

Card ability: [Time-delay Tool Cards]
Used during your action phase on any player except yourself. Place this card horizontally in that player's area. That player needs to make a judgement during his turn. If the judgement is not , skip that player's action phase.

"The unspoken rule in university life."


The CHOPE! phenomenon in Singapore is ridiculed by people around the world because of one thing... packets of tissue paper. If you have never visited Singapore, this might sound like utter rubbish to you, but it's true. When Singaporean's want to reserve a seat at a food court or public eatery, we have a weird habit of placing one packet of tissue paper on the table. It's like a sign that says "this seat is taken". No, the packets of tissue paper do not have our names on it.

It gets stranger still. You might think this phenomenon is common among the elderly, rural, or lowly educated, but it's quite the opposite. The people who use packets of tissue to CHOPE seats are mostly white collar females! It's not uncommon to see an empty table with 5 seats with 5 packets of tissue paper on the table. Those seats are taken alright, and you'd be ruffling lots of feathers if you didn't understand what those packets of tissue mean!

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