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Monday, August 16, 2010

Zhuǎ Huáng Fēi Diàn 爪黄飞电

Posted by Ricky Chua On 9:16 AM No comments
Cao Cao 曹操

Neither the literal translation nor the actual chinese words put together make much sense. Loosely translated, it says "Yellow Claws, Flying Lightning", where "yellow claws" is referring to its yellow hooves. The way the 4 words are put together is awkward, but I guess that is the way it was meant to be.

Zhua Huang Fei Dian is Cao Cao's ceremonial horse. It has a body that is white as snow with 4 yellow hooves. An awe-inspiring outlook and a unique name makes it the perfect steed for large events and ceremonies. Cao Cao does not ride this horse into battle.

Zhua Huang Fei Dian has very little mention in the story, but where it was mentioned was a significant part of the story. Cao Cao rode this horse for a hunting excursion with the young Emperor of Han. The entire imperial cabinet came along for the hunt. By this time, Cao Cao has already put the Emperor under his "protection" and is starting to show signs of playing the puppet-master.

A deer appears and the young Emperor let fly 3 arrows, but they all missed. Cao Cao volunteers to shoot the deer down, but he picks up the Imperial Bow and loads an Imperial Golden Arrow (nobody else can use these except the Emperor himself). With one shot, Cao Cao kills the deer. The imperial cabinet, seeing the golden arrow but not able to see who shot it, thought the Emperor got his prey and shouted "Long Live the Emperor!". But when Cao Cao came into view holding the Imperial Bow, everyone's faces turned ashen grey. It was the moment it became crystal clear, that Cao Cao's intention was to grasp the Imperial power for himself.


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