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Friday, August 6, 2010

Frost Blade 寒冰剑 (hán bīng jiàn)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 10:04 AM 16 comments
This felt like a weapon that did not fit San Guo Sha 三国杀 the first time I saw it. Something just did not feel right about having an elemental component (frost/ice) in-built in a blade while being set in a semi-historical storyline. Till now, I still feel like this belongs in Final Fantasy more than Romance of Three Kingdoms. A search on the ownership of this blade in the story turned up nothing, which adds to my guess that this weapon was created purely for this card game. That's not to say that I am condemning this weapon to the trash bin. It may not be as dangerous as ZHU GE CROSSBOW 诸葛连弩 or as strategically useful as UNICORN BOW 麒麟弓, but it can still tip the scales when the need arises.

Attacking range: 2

Special ability:
When your ATTACK 杀 causes damage to your target, you can choose to prevent that damage by discarding any 2 cards of your choice from him or her.

Characters that match this weapon best:
Since the special ability of the FROST BLADE only works if your target is unable to DODGE 闪, it would be useful to characters who can forcefully cause damage with ATTACK, regardless of whether the target has DODGE cards or not. Therefore I would recommend this weapon for Huang Zhong 黄忠. The paradox to this is FROST BLADE only has an attacking range of 2, while Huang Zhong needs a weapon with as large an attacking range as possible to evoke his "Fearsome Archer 烈弓" ability. Therefore this weapon would be useful to Huang Zhong only if his health is sufficiently low, and the player intends to use strategic play to demolish cards instead of causing damage.


  1. Does this card destroy on field cards are also?

  2. Yes it does! Use it to remove equipped cards.

  3. What if the player has only on card left?

  4. You can remove that one card, then the ability ends. The player is then left without any cards.

  5. Does the attacker choose which card to remove or does the victim choose?

  6. The attacker chooses. On-hand cards need not be revealed to the attacker before picking, so the attacker randomly picks one.

  7. Can you just choose to only remove one card? Like Le bu si shu on your teammate?

  8. I would say not. I think it must be two cards. And also, I'm not sure if its able to remove le bu si shu. Judgement cards are not considered to belong to any player, and this card specifically mentions discard 2 cards belonging to the target.

  9. Okay, but sima yi is still able to use "retaliation" to take away Le bu si shu on the attacker if he's attacked?

    exp: somebody uses "jie dao sha ren" on the attacker to attack sima yi, sima yi doesn't dodge, receives damage, but the attacker is in a state of LE bu si shu, can sima yi take that Le card?

  10. Two different issues here.

    For Frost blade, time-delay tool cards cannot be discarded. Exactly 2 cards (no less) must be discarded unless no cards left.


    For Sima Yi, apparently he can take Acedia card in the scenario described. This was mentioned in the Sima Yi post.

  11. To Princemousey,
    FROST BLADE can still take effect if the victim has only one card. Discard that only card. Ricky is right

  12. This is a very good weapon! Think, for example, your opponent is Sima Yi, Guo Jia, Xiahou Dun, Xun Yu, Cao Cao, Xiao Qiao, Hua Tuo, or Liu Bei!

  13. So I can decide to cause damage or dismantle cards after the target fails to or decides not to dodge?

    Do I need to make known my intentions to the victim before he/she decides whether or not to dodge?

  14. Definitely not. You should not give your target any hints as to what you plan on doing. In fact your decision to activate the weapons ability and dismantle two cards isn't for you to decide until after your target fails to use a DODGE.
    So First ATTACK
    second Allow your target accept the ATTACK or use a DODGE.
    third, if no DODGE was used, you may choose to activate the ability.

    Whether or not you choose to activate the weapon ability, after the second step your target cannot change their mind on whether to DODGE or accept the ATTACK.

  15. "Yes it does! Use it to remove equipped cards."
    Does that include acedia, rations, and lightning?

  16. Time delay cards cannot be removed with this blade -.-


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