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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In the card game, I would say 85% of everything found is imported direct from the story, 10% is created purely for the game, and the last 5% is found in the story but the name has been modified. This weapon is one of them. WHAT KIND OF STUPID NAME IS "GENDER DOUBLE SWORDS"?!?! Of course, a large part of the reason the name sounds so stupid is because I translated it that way... but I'm open to suggestions! Names aside, this weapon is a pretty awesome when used against characters of the opposite gender.

Attacking range: +2

Special ability:
When you use ATTACK 杀 on a character (not player!!) of the opposite gender, ask your target player to choose 1 of the following 2 options before that player uses DODGE 闪:

Option 1 - Discard 1 of the target player's on-hand cards.

Option 2 - Allow the person attacking (in this case, you) to draw one card from the deck.

Beginner players often make the mistake of targeting PLAYERS of the opposite gender instead of CHARACTERS. This weapon only considers the character picked (eg: Cao Cao 曹操, Liu Bei 刘备, Xiao Qiao 小乔 etc.) and disregards the gender of the player actually playing the game!

Characters that match this weapon best:
No specific character has a clear advantage when using this weapon. However a clear benefit emerges when you select female characters to use. This is because probably 8 out of 10 characters in the game are male characters!


  1. Hey two quick questions:

    1. Let's say a female character has this equipped and she DUELS with a male character. Does this weapon's ability take effect for EACH attack that is used by the female during the duel?

    2. If Taishici wins the points duel (which means his ability activates) and he attacks two female characters, does that mean he potentially could draw 2 cards? In fact, since he can attack twice, does that mean he could draw up to 4 cards?

    Thanks again!

  2. Great question!

    1. According to my research, the weapon has no effect during the back-and-forth use of ATTACK during DUEL.

    2. Taishici will be able to use this sword's ability on every target player everytime. Which means that YES Taishici can potentially draw 4 cards (or discard 4 opponent cards) if both opponents are female and he uses both his attacks on them.

    Add-on: Zhang Fei can continuously use this swords ability on a female character. If he has many attack cards on hand, that will be a disgusting amount of advantage. No different fom rape if you ask me.

  3. are these the swords liu beis use?

  4. Yes and no. Liu Bei used 双股剑 (double swords), though it did not come with the "Gender" tag in front. That was added on by the game.

  5. I know it's in the comments section, buty ou should edit the Characters section to include Zhang Fei. When the enemy are all females, it is pretty ridiculous

  6. I've read about this, but i've never had the chance to see this happen! I can only imagine... its like Zhang Fei stripping the female of all her... err... cards.

  7. does this mean they have to discard or i draw a card regardless of whether they receive damage?

  8. Yes. As long as you have this weapon equipped, the target is the opposite gender, and you use an ATTACK against him or her, they have to either discard or you draw 1 card...

    ... THEN the target must dodge or receive damage.

  9. If this weapon is used on DA QIAO, does her effect come in play in first or the weapon's effect?

  10. Weapon effect first. This weapons ability activates even before the attack "reaches" the target.

  11. I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with you, Ricky. Da Qiao's Displacement transfers the Attack to another character within her range, so when a male character equipted with the Swords mounts an Attack on her, the target of the Attack is uncertain until Da Qiao chooses to execute her ability or not. But the usage of the Swords clearly stated that you can ask the target to make a choice when you use Attack and NAME A CHARACTER OF THE OPPOSITE GENDER AS THE TARGET. Therefore the Swords' special ability comes into effect only when the target is certain, which is when Da Qiao decides whether to use Displacement or not.

  12. One more point: The nature of Da Qiao's Displacement is changing the target of an Attack, so no matter it is the Swords, the Axe, Ma Chao or Huang Zhong, the target is always the one Da Qiao deflects the Attack to.

  13. That is also another contentious point. The community is almost split 50-50.

    The verdict though, is that Bob you are right. The arbitrator (which is the online version) allows displacement to take place before the Sword's ability is activated.


    Thanks for bringing this up Bob! :)

  14. To add with, if a female character, equipped with the COUPLE SWORDS (I find it sounds better) attacks Elder Zhuge Liang with only one on-hand card, even if Zhuge Liang chooses to discard his only one on-hand card, the ATTACK still takes effect since Zhuge Liang has been targeted by the ATTACK at the moment he has one on-hand card ("Empty City" does not take effect). If the opponent has no on-hand cards, he/she must choose to allow you to draw a card.

  15. It certainly is Liu Bei's weapon. 雌雄here is just referring to the fact that the swords come in pair. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the author explicitly referred to the slightly longer one as the "雄剑male sword", and the shorter one as the "雌剑female sword". It's a norm in the olden times to call a pair of similarly-shaped weapons male and female. An other example is 呼延灼Huyan Zhuo's double whip (双鞭) in Out Laws of the Marsh, which are called "雄鞭male whip" and "雌鞭female whip" respectively. In fact it's a very good weapon to have, deadly in Zhang Fei's hand, and gives characters like Huang Yueying a fair chance to show her amazing power. The effect of the weapon in the game is probably just a word-play though.

  16. When equipped with this weapon, if a Black Sha is use against an opposite gender character equippped with Ren Wang Shield, the sword ability comes into effect BEFORE the Sha is rendered useless.
    This means that it can also be used on a teammate to get a free card.

  17. Actually, this weapon has nothing to do with the Ren Wang shield. The choice of drawing a card or discarding is as a result of you using a sha on that person, not because of the attack going through.

  18. If Zhang Fei use this on female general and draws Sha cards, he can continue to attack? If the female general don't have card, can she still choose to 'discard'?

    Seems overpowered when Zhang Fei can literally empty a female's hand.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.


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