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Monday, August 16, 2010

Fire Expansion Pack

Posted by Ricky Chua On 6:53 PM 2 comments
Expansion name: FIRE 火

Characters type: Mostly brutal attacking. Arguably overpowered.

Complexity of characters: Difficult

New mechanisms introduced: "Points Duel 拼点"

Shu Characters 蜀将:

Wei Characters 魏将:

Wu Characters 吴将:

Heroes 群雄:

Demi-Gods 神牌:


  1. Why is it that the expansion cards I bought do not contain all the characters? Does it mean I have to buy more expansion packs?

  2. You are referring to the Demi-God cards? They appear randomly in a pack, sometimes containing 1 and sometimes none.

    The less economical way is to buy another pack and hope for best, and end up with a lot of extra cards.

    The better way is to buy the Demi-God cards individually. Check my blogshop for details.


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