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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yesterday I had my first taste of the characters in the Woods Expansion Pack 林包.

It was an 6 player game and the most immediate thing that struck us was how incredibly powerful Cao Pi 曹丕 is! More about Cao Pi in detail when I do my write up about him.

Here's a picture i took of the other ruler character in the pack: Dong Zhuo 董卓.

Look at the ridiculously long amount of health that Dong Zhuo has. A total of 9 units of health if Dong Zhuo is used as the Ruler. But don't let that fool you into thinking that it's tough to kill him, because after you've seen Cao Pi, it's harder to remove 2 units of health from Cao Pi than to remove all 9 units of Dong Zhuo. Till now, Cao Pi as the ruler remains undefeated in our play.

(Note that the super long health bar with 2 rows was an add-on bought by our friend. It does not come with the Woods Expansion Pack. Instead the expansion pack comes with extra units of health as separate cards to add for Dong Zhuo's usage. You can play as Dong Zhuo without the super long bar. We used the super long bar simply because it looks more fun!)

With the introduction of the Woods Expansion Pack comes 2 new "Demi-God" characters 神牌, namely Demi-God Lu Bu 吕布 and Demi-God Cao Cao 曹操. Since there is now a total of 6 demi-god characters, we decided to have an all-Demi-God round (aka Clash of the Gods 神战).

That's my character Demi-God Lu Meng 神吕蒙 (ruler), and anti-clockwise from me is Demi-God Zhou Yu 神周瑜, Demi-God Lu Bu 神吕布, Demi-God Guan Yu 神关羽, Demi-God Zhu Ge Liang 神诸葛, and Demi-God Cao Cao 神曹操.

The Clash of the Gods rounds were a blast!! Totally awesome!! I highly recommend you get all the Demi-God characters and have your own round or two. You will LOVE IT!!

Ok that's this post for now. Have fun!


  1. Are the rules different for the expansion? no right? Or is it an almost totally different game? Demi-Gods sound crazy tho! :) can't wait to go to hong kong in a couple of weeks and see if I can pick up all the expansions! I only have the regular game right now!

  2. It's exactly the same rules. The only difference is there are 8 new characters for every expansion pack. Some packs introduce some weird new rules like "Points Duel 拼点" and in the Woods Pack a new rule known as "Miss a Turn (Duh!) 翻将牌"

    Demi-gods are totally crazy. 3 out of 6 of them have a WMD (weapon of mass destruction). freaking awesome!!

  3. their expansions just keep on getting least and least balanced. And no one allows demi-gods in game especially when you are playing with new faces in a table game bar.

  4. there was once we let 2 demi gods in an 8 player game. the 6 other players murdered them regardless of their role out of fear. so it does have its limitations afterall.


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