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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Xiǎo Qiáo 小乔

Posted by Ricky Chua On 1:58 PM 5 comments
Translated description:
"The Unconventional Flower 矫情之花 (jiǎo qíng zhī huā)"

Wikipedia link: Xiao Qiao Wiki

Who is she:
Wife of Zhou Yu 周瑜 and younger sister of Da Qiao 大乔, Xiao Qiao is the starry-eyed girl next door famous for her musical talent. As explained in my post on Da Qiao, the two sisters were one of the major reasons for the Kingdom of Sun Wu 孙吴 going to war with the Kingdom of Cao Wei 曹魏, which quickly resulted in the battle of Red Cliffs 赤壁之战. Xiao Qiao was notably more vocal and expressive than her aloof elder sister, thus it seemed like Xiao Qiao was the more musically talented of the two, but it has been argued that Da Qiao is equally skilled in music and just chooses to play only for her beau Sun Ce 孙策.

Character ability 1: "Heavenly Scent 天香 (tiān xiāng)"
Whenever you receive any damage, you can choose to pass the damage on to any other player by discarding an on-hand card that has a suit of "hearts". The victim that receives the damage gets to draw X number of cards from the deck, X being the total amount of health loss (measured from the character's maximum health level) after the deflection.

(Xiao Qiao is left unscathed once the damage is passed to another player. For example, Xiao Qiao receives 2 units of damage and she discards ONE on-hand card of "hearts" suit to pass the damage on to Zhang Fei 张飞 (who currently has 2 units of health left with a maximum health of 4). Zhang Fei loses 2 units of health due to damage passed by Xiao Qiao, however he does not get to draw 4 cards (Max health = 4, subtract current health = 0, equals 4 cards to draw) until he has been rescued from the brink of death.)

Character ability 2: [Enforced ability] "Youthful Beauty 红颜 (hóng yán)"
You will always regard all cards with a suit of "spades" as the suit of "hearts".

This effectively means that her "Heavenly Scent" ability will also work if she discards a "spade" since it is regarded as a "heart". This also means that LIGHTNING will NEVER strike her since she is the one that conducts the judgement for LIGHTNING and it requires "spades" to strike. An additional bonus is that she has a stronger chance of overcoming ACEDIA since judgement card of "spades" will equal to "hearts".

Ability's relation to story:
Neither of her abilities have any link to the story. Despite her "Heavenly Scent" being horrifyingly powerful, there is just no mention in the story about anything related to her scent doing demonic damage.

Additional info based on story:
1. Most famous achievement - Marrying the brilliant Zhou Yu. I know it sounds derogatory to say that marrying someone of stature is an "achievement", but she would probably have been viewed upon with envy in her time. Besides, there really isn't much material I can work with here.

2. Cause of death - Unknown. Conflicting stories mixed with contaminated legends have churned out an array of different endings for Xiao Qiao. The two most common are "grieving for Zhou Yu till she died of old age" and "dying of illness".

FAQ and Disambiguation

1. Who can Xiao Qiao deflect damage to?

Ans: Xiao Qiao can deflect damage to anyone including the attacker.

2. Since all spade cards count as hearts for Xiao Qiao , When she flips a judgement could Si Ma Yi substitute with a spade to hurt her?

Ans: No it cannot hurt her even if the judgement card is changed. The reasoning is the same as Zhang Jiao's lightning strike: the judgement card is considered as flipped by Xiao Qiao . Even if it was changed, it is still viewed as Xiao Qiao's judgement card .Hence spades will be viewed as hearts even if changed by Si Ma Yi.

3. If I equip Frost Blade  寒冰剑 and attack Xiao Qiao, what happens if she redirect the damage?

Ans: You can choose not to deal with her damage , in which case she can no longer redirect the damage. She would thus be forced to discard cards . This is one of the critical ways to disarm her. The weapon (Frost blade) works very well against her.

4. Who is the source of damage when it is passed on , Xiao Qiao or the player who dealt damage to her?

Ans: The player who dealt the damage. All retalliation/rewards goes back to the player who use the cards and not Xiao Qiao.

- Ruler attacks Xiao Qiao and she passes damage to Loyalist . Loyalist dies = Ruler discard all cards and equipment.
-Ruler attacks Xiao Qiao and she passes to Rebel . Rebel dies =Ruler gains 3 cards rewards.

5. Can Xiao Qiao detect /redirect Barbarians/Raining Arrows/Duel?

Ans: Yes and No
No: She cannot deflect the effect of these cards unto another player . Meaning she cannot ''deflect'' Barbarians and ask another player to use ATTACK to neutralize the card.

Yes: She can deflect the damage she suffers if she DOES NOT neutralize the card. Meaning , if someone uses Barbarians and she chooses not to use  ATTACK ,she sufferes 1 damage . She can transfer the damage to another player . That victim receive the damage straight-up , can no longer use the ATTACK to neutralize the card  because what is transferred is Damage  and not the card effect.

6. If Xiao Qiao is challenged with someone who cannot be avoided such as Huang Xhong or Ma Chao , can she deflect the injury?

Ans: Yes. It does not matter if the attack can be avoided. She transfers damage that she receives which mean the attack is already concluded by that point.

7. If Xiao Qiao is locked in Iron Shackles and receives the fire damage , does the damage travel through the chains when she uses her power ?
 i.e Does she get hurt before she is able to pass the damage and then return to health , or does she never receive the damage at all  ?

Ans: Xiao Qiao can only pass the damage on AFTER receiving damage. Thus it is logical to say that the fire attack is channeled to the relevant victims already.

8. If Zhang Fei is at 1 health and Xiao Qiao deflects 2 units of damage to Zhang Fei , and Zhang Fei is peached 2 times , woul that mean he is able to draw 5 cards?

Ans: No there is no concept of negative health in SGS. Even for  Zhou Tai , he is considered at zero health regardless of how many death cards he has. Thus the max number of cards to draw would be the max health of the victim, and no more.

9. If Xiao Qiao redirect the damage to another shackled player, would the shackled player receive the deflected damage + the transmitted damage from the initial attack?''

Ans: Yes. This unfortunate player would receive both damages.

10. Only Da Qiao can enter the ''initial target'' status for Iron Shackling right? Where as if Xiao Qiao is the initial target, she can't alter the initial target?

Ans: Yes, Da Qiao can enter the initial target, Xiao Qiao cannot.

11. If I am playing as Xiao Qiao and I am linked with IRON SHACKLES to another player who is the target  of Fire Attack ; can I loop the damage of the fire element back to the original target multiple times as long as I have the hearts cards to play?

Ans: You can deflect the damage you receive that was passed by the shackles. But that will only happen once , because the shackles will be broken. You can deflect infinite number of times , as long as you have the hearts or spades . Just that for the shackles,it breaks after each transmit


  1. Does Xiao Qiao 小乔 effect make her be blink of death first that she can't use the remaining ability effect even she have heart and spade card in her hand to use as reflect deflect.

  2. can you test qn 7 thanks

  3. First post:
    When she receives damage if she is able to she can choose to activate her ability and redirect that damage. If she chooses to do this, she does not take the damage and thus does not enter brink of death. If she does not use her heart and spade card she does enter brink of death and can no longer activate her ability.

    Second Post:
    If she redirects the damage, she doesn't take the damage thus the chain remains on her. e.g. If someone attacks her with fire attack, you can choose to redirect it, if she is chained to another person and she redirects the fire damage to that person, she can redirect the secondary chain damage as well. But she herself remains chained as she did not receive any fire damage. If she cannot redirect that second damage, she takes the fire damage and chain is removed. Damage is only propagated once through the chain as chain is removed once elemental damage is taken.

    If she however redirects the damage to someone without a chain then the damage is not passed through the chain, and all chains will remain.

  4. I don't understand how Xiao Qiao can always avoid being hit by LIGHTNING and potential avoid ACEDIA. Doesn't her ability say that it is discarding an ON-HAND that diverts the damage not discarding a judgement card?

    1. It is not Xiao Qiao's Heavenly Scent that allows her to avoid LIGHTNING and potentially avoid ACEDIA, but her Youthful Beauty which treats all spades as hearts. As LIGHTNING requires your judgement card to be a spade in order to take effect, as ALL of Xiao Qiao's spades are treated as hearts, she would always get a heart judgement when she make any form of judgement.
      This works similarly for ACEDIA which requires a heart judgement in order to not take effect. For normal characters that would be an approximate 1/4 chance to get the right judgement as there are 4 suites in the deck, but Xiao Qiao's ability to treat all spades as hearts increases this chance to 1/2.
      The 'treat all spades as hearts' ability works even for other cards such as Eight Trigrams, which allows Xiao Qiao to have a 3/4 chance of successfully making the judgement when she's attacked while equipping the Eight Trigrams as all her spade judgements are treated as hearts.


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