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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bù Liànshī 步练师

Posted by Ricky Chua On 1:46 PM 5 comments
Translated Description:
"The Uncrowned Empress 无冕之后 (wú miǎn zhī hoù)"

Who is she:
Never heard of her. Lady Bu, as she was known to her subjects, had practically no air-time in the story. However Lady Bu was immensely important to Sun Quan 孙权. Struck by her beauty, Sun Quan made her his concubine, and she quickly became his favorite. Thanks to her personality and respect for those around her, she quickly won the favour of the the palace. In fact they started addressing her obliquely as "Empress". Sun Quan himself wanted to make her his Empress when he declared himself Emperor of Wu, however he did not do so because his court and advisors preferred someone else as Empress for political reasons. Neither lady became Empress in their lifetimes, but Sun Quan posthumously made Lady Bu the Empress of Wu after her death. Perhaps that was the only way both factions could have been satisfied.

Character ability 1: Pacify 安恤 (ān xù)
In the action phase, you can choose 2 players (other than yourself) with different number of on-hand cards. The player with less on-hand cards will acquire 1 card from the other player, and display it to all players. If that card is not the suit of Spades, you can draw 1 card from the deck. Limited to once per turn.

Character ability 2: In Loving Memory 追忆 (zhuī yì)
When you die, you can choose one player (other than yourself and the player who killed you) to draw 3 cards and regain 1 unit of health.

Ability's relation to story:
Both “Pacify” and “In Loving Memory” comes from the imagination of the designer. “Pacificy” was used to depict that Bu Lianshi did her best to pacify the emotion of an aging Sun Quan (Sun Quan became insane in his later life). This ability weakens the powerful to strengthen the weak. Also, if that card is not spades-suit (which represents malignant intentions), she would receive a reward by drawing one more card. This ability is so powerful that it makes Bu Lianshi one of the most hunted-down characters. As a running joke, she is especially good at weakening Sun Quan, who tends to keep a lot of on-hand cards for using “Balance of Power”, so she is one of the best rebels when Sun Quan is the ruler.

“In Loving Memory” refers to the fact that she was posthumously titled by Sun Quan, so the designer imagined that Sun Quan missed her. It allows Bu Lianshi to protect her love after her death.

How to obtain this card:
Bu Lianshi is available in the 2012 release of OverKnight Fame, otherwise known as OKF2012 (一将成名2012). Click here to purchase now!


  1. Can her 2nd skill "In loving memory" be used an infinite number of times or is it a once per turn skill?

  2. That ability is when you die, meaning you die only then you can let 1 person to heal 1 hp and draw 3 cards. So that only once per the whole game.

    1. But what if when I revived myself after I'm dead, and someone KILLS me again? Wouldn't that count as another death?

    2. No: when you're reduced to zero health and you're saved with a peach or wine, that is considered as "brink of death".

      When nobody saves you and your allegiance is revealed and you're kicked out of the game is when you "die".

  3. The is now an achievement in the online version for Bu Lianshi to use Pacify on Sun Quan 3 times and In Loving Memory on Sun Quan in one game.


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