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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hàn Dāng 韩当

Posted by Ricky Chua On 1:45 PM 2 comments
Translated Description
“Marquis of Shi Cheng 石城侯 (shí chéng hoù)"

Who is he:
Yet another old-timer with decades of frontline experience, Han Dang served 3 "generations" of Wu leaders (technically speaking, its 2 generations since Sun Ce 孙策 and Sun Quan 孙权 were brothers, but you get the idea). From the earliest days of Sun Jian 孙坚, Han Dang was always the vanguard but never the commander. A loyal, capable and trusted servant, he practically put his entire life in the service of Wu Kingdom. He even took part in the battle of Red Cliffs as the person who rescued the renegade defector Huang Gai 黄盖. Alas, his glory would be tainted, then contaminated by the acts of his son, Han Zong 韩综, who was so hated by Sun Quan that he was hunted down, beheaded, and presented at Sun Quan's tomb.

Character Ability 1: Mounted Archer 弓骑 (gōng jì)
You can use or play one equipment card as an ATTACK 杀 card. The ATTACK used via this ability has no distance limitations.

Character Ability 2: Resolver of Troubles解烦 (jiě fán)
When any player is at the brink of death, you can use an ATTACK on the player whose turn it currently is. If this ATTACK causes damage, you prevent the damage and is instead viewed as having used PEACH 桃 on the player at the brink of death.

Ability's relation to story:
Han Dang was diligent and respected his subordinates. He was known for his talent of mounted archery, which was odd for people living in Southern China, who could not obtained horses as easily as people living in Northern China, which gives rise of the ability “Mounted Archer”.

“Resolver of Troubles” came from the name of his "Trouble-solving troops 解烦卒", the elite troops of Wu led by Han Dang himself. The mechanism referred to his frequent rescue of other Wu generals. He was partner of Zhou Tai 周泰, and it was Sun Quan who promoted him. In fiction, he saved Huang Gai in Red Cliffs. The ability allows Han Dang to save others by attacking the source of damage. However, betrayed by its name, this ability is extremely troublesome. What happens if this ATTACK deals damage and Han Dang does not prevent it, letting the source of damage enters the Brink of Death? If Han Dang attacks Xiahou Dun 夏侯惇 or Fa Zheng 法正, and receives damage/loses health and enters Brink of Death? If Han Dang attacks Zhang Jiao 张角 and Zhang Jiao activates his ability? This ability is extremely troublesome…

I suspect that the mechanics in "Resolver of Troubles" is such that the damage MUST be prevented. At least that is how I interpreted it because there is no mentioned of "choice" in preventing the damage in the ability. "此【杀】造成伤害时,你防止此伤害" As you can see the option of choice, typically in the use of the words "可以", is missing.

How to obtain this character:
Han Dang is available in the 2012 release of OverKnight Fame, otherwise known as OKF2012 (一将成名2012). Click here to purchase now!


  1. If you use one equipment card as a SHA, can you only use one SHA?

    1. It seems it's only one:


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