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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gān Níng 甘宁

Posted by Ricky Chua On 2:04 PM 1 comment
Translated description:
"The Pirate with Silk Sails 锦帆游侠 (jǐn fān yóu xiá)"

Wikipedia link: Gan Ning Wiki

Who is he:
There is something about Gan Ning I personally admire, and that is the "I don't give a shit about rules and convention" attitude. As a youngster, he was a pirate, looting and murdering and wreaking havoc. It was because of this background that he was rejected from joining Liu Biao 刘表's service. However in his later days, Gan Ning proved himself to be a fearless leader with unconventional tactics. His most glorious moment came in his night raid on Cao Wei 曹魏's camps as a distractionary tactic.

Character ability: "Surprise Raid 奇袭 (qí xí)"
During your action phase, you can choose to use any of your cards (both on-hand and equipped) with "clubs" and "spades" suit as DISMANTLE 过河拆桥.

Ability's relation to the story:
There does not seem to be much link between his storyline character and his ability to use DISMANTLE. However the name of the ability is with reference to his famous night raid on Cao Wei's camps. Yet that raid did not cripple any of Cao Wei's supplies or operations, so even there the link is weak. This ability is likely one for the game mechanics rather than fidelity to the story.

Additional info based on story:
1. Most famous achievement - Gan Ning's night raid on Cao Wei camps. After Sun Quan 孙权's attack was resisted by Zhang Liao 张辽, Cao Cao 曹操 himself claimed to be bringing a huge reinforcement to back up Zhang Liao. Upon hearing this, the Wu advisor suggested a distractionary raid on Cao Wei's camps. Gan Ning not only volunteered, he brought only 100 men and promised that all 100 would come back alive. In the commando style raid, Gan Ning had his 100 men randomly strike different areas of the camp swiftly and set fire at numerous places. The enemy was disoriented by the scattered flames and did not know where the attack was coming from or how many were attacking. Gan Ning then quickly retreated, all 100 men unharmed, leaving the Cao Wei camp smoldering. It was thus that Sun Quan famously said, "Meng De (Cao Cao's other name) has Zhang Liao while I have Gan Xing Ba (Gan Ning's other name)".

2. Cause of death - Gan Ning was heavily sick but insisted on moving out for the battle of Yi Ling 夷陵之战, he was killed in action by the barbarian king Sha Mo Ke 沙摩柯 (loyal to Liu Bei 刘备) with an arrow to the head.

FAQ and Disambiguation

1. Can I play ''Negate'' card on the dismantle played by Gan Ning?

Ans: Yes you can. Gan Ning's black cards if used as Dismantle can be viewed as a tool card.

2. Can negate ability be used multiple times per turn , or just once ?

Ans: Multiple times. As many times as you want.

1 comment:

  1. A good character best used:

    Rebel: immediately after Ruler. Strip him/her of hand cards or armor.

    Loyalist: Remove equipments which allows the rebels to attack Ruler.


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