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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Huáng Gài 黄盖

Posted by Ricky Chua On 2:03 PM 3 comments
Translated description:
"Sacrificing the Flesh for the Country 轻身为国 (qīng shēn wèi guó)"

Wikipedia link: Huang Gai Wiki

Who is he:
The veteran of Wu Kingdom 吴国, Huang Gai served 3 members of the Sun family beginning from Sun Jian 孙坚, then his eldest son Sun Ce 孙策, and finally Sun Quan 孙权. Fiercely loyal, he is best remembered for his sacrificial role in the battle of Red Cliffs 赤壁之战. So prominent was his role, in fact, that his name has become synonymous with the "Trojan Flesh ploy 苦肉计" in the story. More about that the sections below.

Character ability: "Trojan Flesh 苦肉 (kǔ ròu)"
During your action phase, you can choose to lose 1 unit of health and draw 2 more cards from the deck. This ability can be used repeatedly in a turn.

Ability's relation to story:
A marvelous fit! Huang Gai suffered terrible pain and physical abuse, all for the sake of gaining a strategic advantage (ie: deceiving Cao Cao 曹操). In this card game, this effect is reproduced well whereby the additional cards can make a big difference.

Additional info based on story:
1. Most famous achievement - The ignitor of the flames that burnt Cao Cao's fleet. The ploy is the brainchild of Zhou Yu 周瑜 and Huang Gai, where Zhou Yu needs Huang Gai to feign his defecting over to join Cao Cao. However Cao Cao knows that Huang Gai is very loyal, thus more extreme measures need to be used. An elaborate show was set up in the Wu camp whereby Huang Gai interrupts Zhou Yu and advises surrender. In a show of fury, Zhou Yu orders Huang Gai executed. The other generals and advisors all plead for Huang Gai's life and Zhou Yu finally relents, lightening the punishment from death to 50 strokes of the staff. Huang Gai's flesh was bloodied and torn after the beating, but everyone was fooled. Cao Cao's spies reported this incident and thus it became believable that Huang Gai's defection was real. When the time came for Huang Gai's defection, he sailed over to Cao Cao's fleet with small boats filled with flammable material. By the time Cao Cao realized it was a trick, it was too late. Huang Gai set the boats aflame and the fire spread throughout Cao Cao's army. Thus Cao Cao suffered the greatest defeat in his career.

2. Cause of death - After the battle of Red Cliffs, there was a break out of robbers at Chang Sha 长沙. Sun Quan delegated Huang Gai to settle the matter but Huang Gai died of illness before the mission was accomplished.

FAQ and Disambiguation

1. Can Huang Gai use his ability between Duel with another character ?

Ans: No. His ability cannot be used ''in-between'' cards meaning from beginning to end of Duel , his ability cannot be used.

2. Can he use this with one health remaining? Like use it then immediately Peach himself after?

Ans: Yes he can, but he must be saved from brink of death before he can draw the cards.


  1. He rules in 3 VS 3 games, but otherwise it can be a bit risky if you have not identified who is your ally.

  2. My understanding is that wine can only be used once per turn to attack. Can he use wine twice in a turn to save himself? If so, can he use a wine to save himself and a wine to attack? Like are they separate?

    1. 1. Wine can be used every time you go brink of death, this can be done multiple times per turn.

      2. If you drink wine when you are not in the brink of death state you buff yourself, but cannot drink more in this turn to buff yourself again. You may still drink wine in the case of 1. while you are buffed.


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