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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lǖ Méng 吕蒙 (*SP006)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 1:43 PM 4 comments
Translated Description:
"The Charisma of Ministers 国士之风 (guó shì zhī fēng)"

Who is he:
Admit it, you can't stand it when another player uses the original Lu Meng, especially when he is sitted right next to you. That hoard of cards is always a danger, and you can never really tell who's side he's on.

You are probably hoping that in this revamped version, that irritating ability to store infinite on-hand cards in removed. But hell no!! They just made him even more insanely powerful. I mean, this guy just makes Demi-God Lu Meng seem as dangerous as Grover from Sesame Street! How does one spell IMBA?

Character ability 1: "Taunt the Tiger 探虎"
During the action phase,  you can conduct Points Duel with another player. If you win, you acquire the following abilities till the end of your turn.

1. Your distance from that player is 1.

2. Non-Time Delay Tool cards used on that player cannot be neutralized by NEGATE 无懈可击.

Limited to once per phase.

Character ability 2: "Strategic Judgement 谋断" [Transformation ability]
Under normal circumstances, your token should have "Warrior 武" facing up and you possess the abilities "Ardor 激昂" and "Humility 谦逊".

When your number of on-hand cards is 2 or less, you must flip your token over such that "Strategist 文" is facing up, and change those 2 abilities into "Dashing Hero 英姿" and "Self Mastery 克己". You can flip the token over by discarding a card before the start of any player's turn.

Humility 谦逊 (qiān xùn) (Lu Xun 陆逊's ability)
You cannot become the target of STEAL 顺手牵羊 and ACEDIA 乐不思蜀.

Ardor 激昂 (jī áng) (Sun Ce 孙策's ability)
Whenever you use (or become the target of) DUEL 决斗 or a red-suited ATTACK 杀, you can draw a card.)

Dashing Hero 英姿 (yīng zī) (Zhou Yu 周瑜's ability)
You can draw 1 additional card during your drawing phase.

Self-Mastery 克己 (kè jǐ) (Lu Meng's ability)
If you do not use any ATTACK 杀 cards during your action phase, you can skip the discard phase.)

Ability's relation to story:
“Taunt the Tiger” comes from Lu Meng’s bravery and aspiration to challenge difficulties. In his younger age (15-16 years old), he followed his brother-in-law secretly to fight the bandits. His mother was enraged and scolded him, and he replied, “It is difficult to survive in poverty; if we can prove ourselves through hard work, then wealth would come eventually. How can we get the tiger's cub if we don't enter the tiger's den?". In his older age, he challenged Guan Yu 关羽, one of the Tiger Generals of Shu. In the game, he can “Agitate the Tiger” in both his Warrior and Strategist form. If he wins, he can approach his enemy, and he can use his ploy without being negated.

“Strategic Judgement” can be split into two parts: 谋 (plotting schemes) and 断(make a judgement). It is said that capable rulers, generals and strategists must be good at both plotting schemes and making decisions. (Yuan Shao 袁绍 and Liu Biao 刘表 were said to be good at plotting schemes with their strategists, but were poor at making decisions). I translate is as “Strategic Judgement”, suiting the literal meaning and the essence of this ability: decide your “form” strategically to maximize your gain.

In his Warrior form, he gets “Ardor” and “Humility”. His Warrior form shows his younger life, a reckless warrior who fights bravely in the front line and is humble to Sun Quan 孙权's word to learn more. Both his abilities bolster his defense outside turn. In his Strategist form, he gets “Dashing Hero” and “Self-Mastery”. This shows his later life, a well-respected general who restrains himself from hasty actions, waiting to strike at the right moment. He can fill up his cards easily and store them without discarding.

How to obtain this character:
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  1. What is a TOKEN? I have this character but I never understood what he did

  2. I believe its just something that indicates whether he is in the Warrior state or Strategist state. If you want to use him you can just use a coin or another card to indicate when he becomes a Warrior or Strategist. Nothing special.

  3. This guy has like 5 abilities altogether. That is unreasonable.

  4. This character has 3 out of 5 abilities.
    There is a special token for him, with warrior on one side and strategist on the other side. The default is having the warrior side up, which entitles him the ability of Ardor and Humility. The strategist side is triggered when you have only two hand cards or less, which is forced. Besides this, you can discard one hand card before the start of any player to switch between the warrior and strategist states.


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