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Monday, March 18, 2013

The OFFICIAL SGS English App (for iPhone)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 5:40 PM 5 comments

I have been living in a cave... figuratively, of course.
SGS English app icon
Frankly, it's downright embarrassing that I haven't created an app for all you readers. The only one out there is created by Kevin Quan from Canada, and i must say it works well. A big "Thank You" to Kevin for acknowledging this blog for the translated contents!

Still... i wanted to create an app with my inputs behind it; an app that i can truly call "my own". An app which is specially catered to the SanGuoSha players out there who need INSTANT TRANSLATIONS.

I'm proud to announce that the "SanGuoSha English Translation" app is complete!

Check out the last icon in the 3rd column...

I set out to design an app that must fulfill the following criteria:

1. Lightning fast loading speed - from the time you click the card you need, to displaying the info should be almost instantaneous! We went made the extra mile to make this app as "bare-bones" as possible, such that the very first screen you see is already character cards selection.

2. Just ability translations, no stories! - You no longer need to scroll down just to get to the ability translations (which is what most people are looking for). The ability translations jump right at you the moment you select your card needed.

3. Easy to use and intuitive - You should be able to find ANY card you are looking for within 3 seconds. Not only are the cards arranged categorically, but also alphabetically within the categories. 

4. Catered to users with ZERO Chinese ability - If you have no clue what the name of that character is, you will still be able to find your card easily! Simply go to the correct category based on the colour of the allegiance, then match your card in hand to the same image in the app. 

5. Condensed "How to Play" - Another "bare-bones" effort to get you the info you need. This is not a hand-holding walk-through, but a touch-and-go summary so that you can quickly find that rule that's been bugging you.

This free app will be available in a couple of days time (currently approval stage at iTunes). Watch this space for updates!!!


  1. this will be useful until the official english game gets matured.

  2. Would there be any apps for android?

    1. Yes. it will be released shortly after the iTunes version.

  3. When will there be an update? It doesn't work anymore


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