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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dà Qiáo 大乔 (*SP008)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 1:42 PM 5 comments
Translated Description:
"Transient but Joyous Happiness 韶光易逝 (sháo guāng yì shì)"

Who is she:
I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate seeing the original Da Qiao character. No no no, it's not because her ability wasn't good, but quite the contrary. Da Qiao had fantastic ability! Her ability to put everyone else to sleep with ACEDIA 乐不思蜀 was incredibly useful, and frustrating when she's not on your side. THAT is why I hate her, because I seldom ever choose her and she's seldom helping my side!

In this revamped SP version, the character seems less overpowered than the preceding characters. Her new abilities also mirror some of her old abilities, so it's not a complete overhaul either. It does appear that this SP Da Qiao is rather interesting from the face of it.

Character ability 1: "Gentle Smile 言笑 (yán xiào)"
During the action phase, you can place a card with suit of Diamonds in the judgement area of any player. Players with "Gentle Smile" in their judgement area gets to keep all the judgement cards during that player's judgement phase.

Character ability 2: "Quiet Elegance 安娴 (ān xián)"
Whenever you cause damage when you use an ATTACK 杀, you can prevent that damage and force the victim to discard 1 on-hand card, after which you draw 1 card from the deck.

Whenever you become the target of an ATTACK, you can discard 1 on-hand card to render the ATTACK useless, after which your attacker draws 1 card from the deck.

Ability relation to story:
You guessed it, none.

Look, we know Da Qiao is beautiful, elegant, and probably has a smile that could have melt the iceberg that sank the Titanic. How that translates into letting others keep judgement cards is a stretch... a long stretch. But hey, the abilities do seem balanced and is not aggro, so i'm pretty happy to ignore the fact that the ability isn't linked much to the story.

How to obtain this character:
Click here to purchase this character from!


  1. could the player have "Gentle Smile" keep the judgement card during the game? when does it stoped?

  2. For the first ability, I believe it says that:
    When the player with a "gentle smile" enters his next judgement phase, he receives all cards in his judgement area. (not keep all the judgement cards)

    1. Yes u're right.I'm Ecauchy(the one who design it). It's a regular way for she to store all diamond cards in her judgement area. (NOTICE that there's not a 'once per turn')
      p.s. forget about my poor English

  3. I wonder whether it's difficult for you to get a 《桌游志》...but I think that the 'relation to the story' is clear after you read it.
    As we all know we know nothing about 大乔.'言笑‘ is to the opposite of '国色' : '国色’ means that once you know the elegant widow you'd forced to '乐不思蜀'; and so '言笑' means that once you meet the happy ma'am you'd find everything-is-ok. (XD)
    What's more, '言笑' is from '言笑晏晏'(《诗经·卫风·氓》,smiling innocently), a sad story about a girl abandoned by her husband, and this sentence is describing when they're still lead a happy life. So in my imagination, this abillity is just the reverse for '国色'.

    Anyhow, '安娴' is easy to understand.XD

  4. 也许英文有可能被误解....总之还是发一遍中文。




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