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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hi everyone,

This is a dream come true for me. The SanGuoSha English app that I have been wishing for so long is finally available on iTunes for download!

Simply search for "Sanguosha" in iTunes store to find it. Or you can click on the link below to bring you there directly.

Link to iTunes Store:

[Left] SanGuoSha English app icon freshly downloaded at 4th column, 2nd from bottom. The download time takes a bit longer, but it makes the app itself much faster to run. [Right] Characters icons browsed left to right. Tap on buttons below to browse other allegiance. Notice the "Options" button in brown at the top left? That allows you to navigate to playing cards or game rules.

[Left] One glance ability translations for each card. Font colour backing is colour coded to the allegiance. Background image is the card image itself for you to verify if you are at the right place. [Right] All playing card translations are also included.

Quick guide to the rules for use on-the-go.

I have promised that it would be super-fast and very intuitive to use for non-Chinese speaking/reading friends. Don't take my word for it! Test it out for yourself!

"Is it going to come out on Android as well?"

The quick answer is YES, though my partner is adamant that we only push into Android if the iTunes version sees significant download numbers.

So if you're an SGS player, do download the app and post your reviews and feedback on iTunes. We would very much appreciate it if you can find any bugs and problems so that we can improve on the next version!

Thanks for your support! 杀!!



  2. I was introduced to this game by my Chinese friends. They bought the starter edition and we played every weekend for months. For my birthday they gave me the complete sanguosha final pack and it is freaking awesome!
    I must thank you for keeping so much info on it in English for us. Although I do enjoy learning the language.
    With that said, android app of this would be perfect for me. Thank you again, great job!

  3. Just dl the android version but there is some URL issues for the Wu heroes.

  4. Android version gives us URL errors!

  5. Just tried each category in the Android app. Only the Wu Characters Section is not working.

  6. When is this gonna be done for Android?


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