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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tài Shǐ Cí 太史慈

Posted by Ricky Chua On 1:59 PM 7 comments
Translated description:
"Ardent and Loyal Warrior 笃烈之士 (dǔ liè zhī shì)"

Wikipedia link: Tai Shi Ci Wiki

Who is he:
One of the early generals before the Three Kingdoms were formed, Tai Shi Ci was one of Sun Ce 孙策's most capable generals. A man with a criminal past, Tai Shi Ci was denied higher positions and responsibilities by his previous leader Liu Yao 刘繇. In one instance, Tai Shi Ci battled Sun Ce and were equally matched. This gave Sun Ce respect for Tai Shi Ci. When Sun Ce eventually defeated Liu Yao, Sun Ce promised Tai Shi Ci acknowledgement of his capabilities with important positions. Tai Shi Ci accepted and thus became a loyal and capable general under the Kingdom of Sun Wu 孙吴 till his death.

Character ability: "Justice of Heaven 天义 (tiān yì)"
During your action phase, you can conduct Points Duel 拼点 with any other character. Limited to one use per turn.

If you win the Points Duel -
1. You will have unlimited attacking range
2. You can use 1 additional ATTACK 杀 card in that turn
3. Each ATTACK can target 1 additional character.

If you lose the Points Duel, you cannot use ATTACK till the end of that turn.

Ability's relation to story:
There does not seem to be much relation to the story, though there is some history to how this ability came about. Before the Fire Expansion Pack 火包 was released by Yoka Games, people have already created their own Tai Shi Ci character which allowed him to equip two weapons simultaneously. I guess Yoka Games took note of that and modified it into the ability we see today.

Additional info based on story:
1. Most famous achievement - Rallying his troops to join Sun Ce within 24 hours. When Tai Shi Ci agreed to join Sun Ce, he asked Sun Ce for one day's absence to convince his troops to continue joining him under Sun Ce's leadership. Sun Ce note only agreed, he even told Tai Shi Ci to tell his troops that those not willing were free to leave and will not be subjected to martial law. Sun Ce's advisors told him to be wary of Tai Shi Ci taking the opportunity to escape, but Sun Ce had faith in Tai Shi Ci's integrity. Indeed, Tai Shi Ci kept to his word, returning within 24 hours and bringing with him every single one of his men to join Sun Ce.

2. Cause of death - In the story, Tai Shi Ci was fatally wounded by an arrow from Cao Wei 曹魏's Zhang Liao 张辽 at the battle of He Fei 合肥之战. However, historically Tai Shi Ci died of illness at age 41.

FAQ and Disambiguation

1. What do you mean by Points Duel 拼点?

Ans: You can refer to ''How to play'' Part 5 Points Duel'' on the left column for more details.

2. For Points Duel, if Tai Shi Chi wins, does he get all the 3 effects or just one of them ?

Ans: He gets all 3 effects .

3. If Tai Shi Chi has Heaven Scorcher Halbert equipped and he wins the points duel , does that mean his last ATTACK can kill up to 5 people? 3 from weapon , 3 from his ability?

Ans: Not 5 but 4. Here's how its calculated.

After winning points duel, every one of his ATTACK can target 1 additional player. Therefore if his ATTACK is his last card and he has Heaven Scorcher, usually he can target 3 players but now +1 more player to that total 4 players can be targeted with that one last ATTACK card.

4. Can he attack then point want? Because that would allow him to bypass the effect of '' Cannot use attack at all for that turn''.

Ans: Yes he can use ATTACK first before Points Duel. It would allow him to use at least 1 attack in that round. BUT that first attack would just be a normal attack , targeting only 1 player.

In Summary,

Use Attack before Points Duel
Pros: Guaranteed at least 1 attack use
Cons: Effective attacks used is limited to 3.

Use Points Duel before Attack
Pros: Effective attacks used =4
Cons: May not be able to use attack at all if lose the points duel.

5. Can Tai Shi Chi use jiu sha( attack + wine ) after winning the points duel to cause 2 damage to 2 different players or can this only be used without wine ?

Ans: Yes ,wine can be use with the attacks even after winning the points duel.

6. Does his ability stack with the effect of weapons ? For example , if Tai Shi Ci equips a Zhu Ge Crossbow , does that mean he has unlimited numbers of  attacks , each attacking 2 players.


  1. Number 6th of the FAQ haven't been anwered. I would like to know about it. I think this character is very useful, and he had 4 health. Very compatible as loyalist where as liu shan is the ruler.

    1. Without the Crossbow, Tai Shi Ci can only attack up to twice, given that he won the points duel.

      However when the Crossbow is equipped and Tai Shi Ci won the points duel, he essentially has unlimited attacks; each ATTACK can target up to two people. This is because equipping the Crossbow will override Tai Shi Ci's cap on ATTACKs used per turn.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. After I won the duel and if FIRE ELEMENT ATTK was used on the 2 targets I attk has IRON SHACKLES on them how many dmg can be inflicted on them?

  4. His ability actually has ties to the story! When he arrived to Kong Rong's aid when Kong Rong was dealing with a Yellow Turban siege, he was told by Kong Rong to go get help from Liu Bei. Since the Yellow Turban's surrounded the Kong Rong's city, Tai Shi Ci wasn't able to break through the siege easily, so he came up with a plan to practice his archery outside the walls of the city everyday until the Yellow Turbans paid him no attention. One day when none of the Yellow Turbans found his appearance outside the gates to be threatening, he took the opportunity to charge through the siege and slaughtered many rebels before they could react. Comparing the story to the ability, Tai Shi Ci practicing archery is like point dueling. If your opponent isn't wary, they can use a low rank card and lose the duel, giving you the ability to charge at them with aggression.

    1. +1 thanks! I wish Ricky could update your post!


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