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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lù Xùn 陆逊

Posted by Ricky Chua On 2:01 PM 3 comments
Translated description:
"The meek scholar with Valiant talents 儒生雄才 (rú shēng xióng cái)"

Wikipedia link: Lu Xun Wiki

Who is he:
The ultimate Decepticon. An idiom that describes him best would be "don't judge a book by it's cover". For the readers unfamiliar with the story, this geeky, nerdy scholar that looks like he cannot survive a papercut is the person who is responsible for the death of Liu Bei 刘备. He used his scholarly persona to trick his enemies into putting their guard down. This was used to great effect in Sun Wu 孙吴's capture of Jing Zhou 荆州, which resulted in the death of Guan Yu 关羽. Two of the biggest names in the Kingdom of Shu Han 蜀汉 owe their demise to this kid. Geeks rule!

Character ability 1: [Enforced ability] "Humility 谦逊 (qiān xùn)"
You cannot become the target of STEAL 顺手牵羊 and ACEDIA 乐不思蜀.

Note that this is different from those tools being "ineffective". Lu Xun simply cannot be targeted at all for these two tools. Therefore if you accidentally used these cards on Lu Xun, take it back into your hand and use it on someone else. Do not discard them since you are not considered to have even used them at all.

Character ability 2: "One after another 连营 (lián yíng)"
Whenever you lose or use your last on-hand card, you can immediately draw one card from the deck.

(This means Lu Xun will always have at least one card on hand at all times.)

Ability's relation to story:
"Humility" describes Lu Xun's careful management of his troops and his unwavering focus on defeating Shu Han. I suppose that the reason he cannot be targeted for STEAL is to imply the opposite of a careless, arrogant leader. As for ACEDIA, it made sense that he cannot be targeted since Lu Xun's patience and focus on defeating Shu Han clearly destroys the meaning of that tool.

"One after another" describes Lu Xun's victory at the battle of Yi Ling 夷陵之战, where his use of fire to incinerate Liu Bei's forces is compounded by Liu Bei's decision to have all his camps close to each other and within the forested region. The words 连营 is a short-form of the full phrase 火烧连营七百里, which means "the burning of a string of camps connected together for 350km".

Additional info based on story:
1. Most famous achievement - Defeating Liu Bei at battle of Yi Ling. After a stalemate, Liu Bei taunted Lu Xun to lure his troops into an ambush. Typical of the humble man that he is, Lu Xun kept his cool and ignored the taunting. Lu Xun knew it was not yet time for the attack. Liu Bei finally gave up and the stalemate continued, but the weather was very hot and dry. Liu Bei made the decision to move all the camps into the forest for some shade. Lu Xun siezed the opportunity and set fire to the dry forests. The blaze burned most of Liu Bei's troops and supplies while their escape route was cut off. Liu Bei suffered severe losses and retreated. He never recovered from the loss and died soon after.

2. Cause of death - Lu Xun fell into disfavour of Sun Quan due to his support for Sun He 孙和 as crown prince. Sun Quan removed Lu Xun from office and had him reprimanded on many counts. Lu Xun was filled with grief and fell ill. He died soon after.

FAQ and Disambiguation

1. Can Lu Xun (or any character for that matter) choose to discard cards during his turn? If so, his turn would never end, so Im assuming the answer is no.

Ans: The answer is no. Discarding of cards can only take place in the discard phase. Once in that phase, the player can no longer use cards.The turn ends after the discard phase.

2. Does this mean that you can only ever discard on-hand cards without using them when you need to discard to your current health at the end of your turn? Could you choose to discard more than that?

Ans: Yes a player can only discard cards that the end of the turn (discard phase) and only if there are more cards on-hand  than there is health. A player cannot discard more than that .

3. If Lu Xun uses Draw 2 and its his last card, does he draw 3 cards . One for his abilty and 2 for the Draw 2?

Ans: Yes he draws 3 cards.

4. For Iron Shackles, if he chooses to discard Iron Shackles as his last card ,does he get to draw 2 cards ? One for the shackles and one for his ability.

Ans: Yes if he uses redraw for Iron Shackles, he draws 2.


  1. Why is Lu Xun one of the Ba Fei "Eight Useless"

    1. Two reasons.

      First, with the Battle Expansion Pack, the chance for Lu Xun to his ability [One after another] draws dramatically, for most of the time Lu Xun cannot rely on it. While [Humility] is a very good one, in many cases, no one thinks Lu Xun is worthy enough to use STEAL 顺手牵羊 and ACEDIA 乐不思蜀 on him. If you put these together you will see Lu Xun actually doesn't have any ability at all.

      Moreover, if Lu Xun uses all the cards recklessly, so he can benefit from [One after another], it would cause more disadvantage for his teammates. For instance, rebels should not use the tool card Barbarians 南蛮入侵, but if rebel Lu Xun had only one card on hand and it is Barbarians 南蛮入侵, for most of the times new player will use it, and wastes the ATTACK card his rebel teammates have, which should be used on ruler.

    2. draws dramatically = drops dramatically, wrong word oops


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