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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Xú Shèng 徐盛

Posted by Ricky Chua On 1:49 PM 1 comment
Translated Description:
The Steel Barricade of Jiang Dong 江东的铁壁 (jiāng dōng dè tiě bì)

(Note: Jiang Dong is a region in the East of China. It literally translates to "East of the river")

Who is he:
Accomplished but complacent, Xu Sheng is a celebrated general under Sun Quan 孙权 that was born into a family of proud militants. In his time serving under Sun Quan, Xu Sheng was known for his courage and strong leadership that, more than once, overcame difficult situations. During his earlier years of service, he was able to defend his position from the warlord Huang She 黄射 while being outnumbered 5 to 1. Not only did he deal massive damage to Huang She's forces, Xu Sheng was able to charge out to engage in melee combat despite being grossly outnumbered... and still emerge overwhelmingly victorious! Xu Sheng then participated in numerous major battles against Cao Cao 曹操, Cao Pi 曹丕, and Liu Bei 刘备, and was victorious far more often than he was defeated.

However, Xu Sheng was also known for his arrogance. In fact he considered himself born into status and refused to be put under the command of one other prominent Wu Kingdom general. This other general also appears in this game, and has far more battle scars than he has hair. Who is this other general? And why did Xu Sheng refuse to be put under his command? Read on the find out.

Character ability: Annihilate 破军 (pò jūn)
Whenever your ATTACK 杀 causes damage, you can force your victim to draw X cards from the deck (X being the number of health units the victim currently has. X has a maximum of 5), after which the victim must flip his or her character card over.

Ability's relation to story:
"Annihilate" is presumably related to Xu Sheng's complete decimation of Huang She's forces. In the story, the word 破 was used to describe Xu Sheng's victory over Huang She, where 破 means to tear or destroy and signifies the annihilation of the enemy. This ability ties in quite nicely, since the more the opponent is in peril, the stronger this ability becomes. It is the perfect tool to seal the fate of a struggling opponent.

Additional info related to story:
1. Most famous achievement - Refusing to take orders from Zhou Tai. Due to Xu Sheng's heritage, he has always considered himself as upper-class. Thus when Sun Quan assigned Zhou Tai to be in command of Xu Sheng and his forces, Xu Sheng took that as an insult. To appease Xu Sheng, Sun Quan threw a banquet where Zhou Tai, Xu Sheng and other generals were present. During the banquet, Sun Quan asked Zhou Tai to show the numerous battle scars that he has sustained in his line of duty, and thus Xu Sheng's respect for Zhou Tai began to grow. It just so happens that Zhou Tai had also saved Xu Sheng from certain death by risking life and limb, charging into a horde of enemy soldiers and bringing Xu Sheng back to safety. Xu Sheng owes him!

2. Cause of death - There is no exact year of his death, much less the circumstances causing it. It is only known that he died within a 7 year range between the year 222 AD and 229 AD.

Wiki Link:
Xu Sheng Wiki

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