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Monday, January 17, 2011

Shā Mó Kē 沙摩柯

Posted by Ricky Chua On 7:02 PM 12 comments
Translated Description:
Barbarian King of Wu Ling 武陵蛮王 (wǔ líng mán wáng)

[Note: Wu Ling is a place in present day Hu Nan province]

Who is he:
This barbarian king is only referred to in the story as Gan Ning 甘宁's killer. He makes such a brief appearance that if you did not pay attention, you wouldn't even know he exists! Sha Mo Ke should not be confused with Meng Huo, as the latter receives more airtime locking heads with Zhu Ge Liang 诸葛亮.

Character ability: Diligent King 勤王 (qín wáng)
Outside of your turn, you can voluntarily suffer damage on behalf of any player other than yourself. For every 1 unit of damage suffered through this ability, you will have +1 damage for your ATTACK 杀 or DUEL 决斗 in your next turn (you must be the source of the damage).

Ability's relation to story:
None whatsoever?? Whether he was diligent as the description says, or that he boldly sacrificed his flesh for his mates, none of this was ever mentioned. No matter. It still makes this character incredibly powerful (unfairly IMO) and a foe you do not want to have!

Additional info based on story:
There is only so much that was mentioned about this barbarian. It appears his crowning achievement was slaying the great Gan Ning, but that did not really take place in historical accounts... In fact it's even arguable if this guy really existed!!!

Wikipedia Link:
Sha Mo Ke Wiki


  1. what does it mean by his turn?

    what if diao chan uses her ability after he has suffered 3 damage? if he loses, will he suffer 4 damage? that will mean he will have -3 health left.

  2. Next turn meaning during his action phase.

    Thus Diao Chan use her ability on him would not apply, because can only happen in Diao Chan's turn, which is outside of Sha Mo Ke's turn.

  3. How is this dude good for being a defector??

  4. Voluntarily taking damage on behalf of the Ruler can be used as a good deception tactic. Otherwise known as "Sacrificial Deception 苦肉计", which will be covered under Strategies in the near future.

  5. wow, if he suffers 3 points of damage from anyone, and then it is his turn... his duel/attacks for that whole turn are 4 points of damage?? (1 + 3points lost)??

  6. Yup that does appear to be what is stated. Note that 3 points of damage must be taken on behalf of another player!

    Some have said that the ability can be understood in another way, such that the additional damage is capped at "+1". meaning if suffer 3 points for defending someone, next round attack is only (1+1).

  7. Well it does say for "every 1 unit of damage..", i believe if it were only for a +1 cap, it would have stated something like "If he does suffer any damage, his next duel/atk will be +1"

    Well since he is unoffical, we can only wait and see

  8. I wonder if there will be any official stand on this. I doubt it though, and will probably be left to us to intepret it however we choose.

  9. The chinese text clearly reads "For every 1 damage you endure this way, on your next turn, all of your Kill and Duels will deal an additional point of damage." On the unofficial pack, there's even a rage counter for this guy! So it's fully possible to tank an unimaginable amount of damage given enough Peaches or Wines, then 1x good one the Ruler in one good hit!

  10. Ricky, there should be a lot more unofficial packs out there, can you source for them? My platoon mate has them, I don't know where he gets it (Since ORD we have all gone our separate ways), but they have a lot of new spell cards, elemental Shoots, and there's this set of Boss generals with 8-10 health made specially to be used in a 1v4 game mode!

  11. I don't like the unofficial packs cos they don't seem well-playtested..

  12. 勤王 does not mean Diligent King. Chinese word has many meanings. In this case, 勤 means helping. 勤王 is the action that an official or a general helps the king when he is in danger with his/her army.

    wikipedia for 勤王:


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