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Friday, January 14, 2011

Demon Zhāng Fēi 鬼张飞

Posted by Ricky Chua On 11:24 PM No comments
Translated Description:
"Impatient to avenge his brother 急雪兄仇 (jí xuě xiōng chóu)"

Why is he a Demon:
Zhang Fei was well-known for his temper and ridiculously short fuse, but the death of Guan Yu 关羽 really push him to the extreme. He took to drowning his grief in wine and frequently hurled abuse at his troops. That episode ultimately claimed his life, where his troops cut his head off and surrendered to the enemy than risk being executed for an impossible task. His flaming temper and unreasonable personality makes him one crazy Demon alright. Just look at his hair!!

Character ability 1: "Dragon's Groan 龙吟 (lóng yín)"
When you use a black-suited ATTACK 杀, the attack has no range limitations.

Character ability 2: "Tiger's Hiss 虎啸 (hǔ xiào)"
When you use a red-suited ATTACK, you can target one additional player.

Ability's relation to story:
None, except a slight inclination in the name of the abilities. They are meant to denote the sorrow of someone so seemingly indestructible.

Usage comments:
Madness!!! Use this character and your ATTACKs become unstoppable. It's like Tai Shi Ci 太史慈 on steroids!! Totally unfair, shamelessly powerful!


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