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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lightning Attack 雷杀 (léi shā)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 8:53 PM 4 comments
The LIGHTNING ATTACK card can be obtained if you have purchased the Battle Expansion Pack. It works the same way as the normal ATTACK 杀 card, except that the damage inflicted has a lightning element attribute.

What it does:
There are 2 scenarios where LIGHTNING ATTACK is different from normal ATTACK.
1. When your target opponent is linked to another opponent by IRON SHACKLES 铁索连环
2. When your opponent has equipped RATTAN ARMOR 藤甲.

In scenario 1, multiple players may be shackled to the target player being attacked with this card. If the target player fails to dodge, every player shackled to the target will receive 1 unit of damage.

In scenario 2, the player that equipped RATTAN ARMOR is impervious to all normal ATTACK but is susceptible to 1 unit of damage if the player fails to dodge the LIGHTNING ATTACK.

How to use it:
Usage is identical to ATTACK card.

How is this different from FIRE ATTACK 火杀:
As you can probably tell, both cards are VERY similar except for one difference: the effect they have on RATTAN ARMOR. If the target player fails to dodge, FIRE ATTACK causes 2 units of damage while LIGHTNING ATTACK only causes 1 unit of damage.


  1. Just pointing this out since it was a little confusing to me until I referred to the Chinese words...

    You refer to the armor here as BAMBOO ARMOR but on the fire attack page you refer to presumably the same armor as RATTAN ARMOR. Just to clarify, it's the same armor, correct?

  2. hi Simon. thanks for pointing that out. yes they both refer to rattan armor. this post wad written earlier n I have not updated the name. will do so ASAP.

  3. There's a third scenario where the LIGHTNING ATTACK is different from a normal attack: Only LIGHTNING ATTACKS can hit characters shielded by Demi-God Zhū Gě Liàng 神诸葛亮's "Heavy Shroud 大雾 (dà wù)" ability.

  4. You mention here that any player shackled to the target will take damage, however on the shackle page, it is said that all shackled players will take damage. It just is a bit confusing.


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