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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blaze 火攻 (huǒ gōng)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 7:49 PM 13 comments
One of the more complicated cards to use, BLAZE can be very useful... if you know what you are doing. It is an inefficient tool for causing damage to an opponent since it needs to expend 2 on-hand cards, though that might be well worth it if your opponents are under the effects of IRON SHACKLES 铁索连环 or has equipped RATTAN ARMOUR 藤甲 or both! You can also just use it to glimpse one of your opponent's on-hand cards, especially if it is the only card left in his or her hand. Peek-a-boo!

What it does:
If damage is effected, the victim receives 1 unit of fire attribute damage. Since it is fire attribute damage, all players shackled to the victim also receive 1 unit of fire attribute damage. Accordingly, victims equipped with RATTAN ARMOUR receive 2 units of damage.

How to use it:
First, use the BLAZE card by tossing it into the discard deck. Next pick the target player you want to use it on. Assuming the player does not use NEGATE 无懈可击, he or she must show you 1 of the cards in his or her hand. Take note of the suit of the card that is shown to you. You can choose to effect 1 unit of fire attribute damage by discarding 1 of your on-hand cards that has the same suit. Therefore, you have expended 2 cards (including the BLAZE card) to cause damage.

Some details you should bear in mind:
1. The target player does not discard the card shown to you.
2. The target player should not cover up the card and only reveal the suit. The entire card should be visible. (This is arguable and subject to your own house rules)
3. The target player should reveal the card to everyone and not just the user of BLAZE. (This is also arguable and subject to house rules)
4. BLAZE cannot be used on a player with no more cards on hand.

Historical basis:
There are numerous instances in Romance of the Three Kingdoms where fire is used in sieges and attacks, the most famous being the Battle of Red Cliffs 赤壁之战. Cao Cao 曹操's ships were shackled together after being tricked by Pang Tong 庞统. When his ships were set on fire by Huang Gai 黄盖, Cao Cao's entire fleet was engulfed in flames and, thus, suffered a severe loss. This also forms the historical basis for fire damage being able to transmit via IRON SHACKLES. Read more about the Battle at Red Cliffs on Wikipedia!


  1. Hi. If you do not have the same suit of the card shown to you/everyone then what happens?

  2. Nothing happens. The game goes on. You and everyone gets to see 1 of the victim's card. That's all.

    Note that you can choose not to discard the card with the same suit if you just want to view but not damage that player.

  3. Can you still use Blaze if I have no other cards on hand? And is it only that the target player can pick which card to show? I can't pick it?

  4. Your question is a little unclear, so i'm gonna to guess what you mean with 2 scenarios:

    1: I'm the attacker and have many cards on-hand, you are the victim and you have no cards on-hand
    >>> I cannot use blaze on you, because you have no cards to show me.

    2: I'm the attacker and i only have 1 card on hand, which is the blaze card. You are the victim and you have many cards on hand.
    >>> I can use the blaze card, you will have to show me one card, but i will not be able to cause you any damage. Nett effect is i get to see 1 of your cards. Thats all.

    In all cases, the target player chooses which card to let the attacker view. The attacker does not choose.

  5. If I use blaze can I chose to discard equipme?nt

  6. Nevermind I just understood your previous comment

  7. Just to be clear, the card that you discard must be a card in your hand. It can be any card type such as equipment, basic cards, or tool cards.

  8. Can blaze be used on yourself? this could be useful to commit a kamikaze attack on a ruler whom you are bound to, especially if you wear the rattan armour.

  9. Based on the literal translation, you can.. It says the target can be any player with on-hand cards. Hmm..

  10. ^ Yes, you can use BLAZE towards yourself. In fact, this is the ultimate move of Pang Tong. Shackle your enemies with you, wear the RATTAN ARMOUR, BLAZE yourself, and rebirth!

  11. when must i play Negate agst Blaze? when the Blaze card is played? or when it is confirmed that the Blaze is successful, ie the user has a card with a matching suit as my card?


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