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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The saviour! There are too many instances where players are left completely helpless, restricted by their opponent's +1 horse or armour. Many can only wish to draw this card. Most never do. Probably the most reliable way (and sometimes the ONLY way) to tear down an opponent's defense, DISMANTLE should always be amongst your most treasured tool cards on hand! Between DISMANTLE and STEAL 顺手牵羊, DISMANTLE is probably the stronger tool card since it is not limited by range.

What it does:
As the name implies, it dismantles ANY card from ANY player. It can be used on equipped weapons, armour, horses or cards in the hand. Heck, it can even be used to remove TIME-DELAY TOOL CARDS 延时类锦囊. It is also one of the only 2 ways to remove LIGHTNING into the discard pile after it has been used.

How to use it:
Since it has no range limitation, DISMANTLE can be used on any player in your turn. Remember to snigger sadistically at your victim after use.

Special abilities:
Be extra careful when any of your opponents is playing the character Gan Ning 甘宁. All black-suited cards can be used as DISMANTLE. That may not seem very terrifying to the uninitiated, but that ability makes Gan Ning an extremely useful character to play! Not convinced? Just wait till he dismantles all your equipped items and cards on hand. Not fun... unless you love that naked feeling.

Historical basis:
One of the hallmark stories from the Romance of Three Kingdoms is that of Zhang Fei 张飞 and the battle of Chang Ban 长板. The other superstar character of this battle is Zhao Yun 赵云, though he will not be mentioned here. Zhang Fei stood on Chang Ban bridge alone and faced the army of Cao Cao as they pursued Liu Bei 刘备. To buy time for Liu Bei's escape, Zhang Fei yelled out "I am Zhang Fei! Who dares to fight me?!" Apparently the yell was so loud that Cao Cao's army was scared shitless. One of Cao Cao's generals was so shocked that he fell off his horse and died. Fearing an ambush awaiting, Cao Cao ordered a full retreat. Zhang Fei took the opportunity and destroyed the bridge, buying time for Liu Bei's escape. Read more about the Battle of Chang Ban on Wikipedia!

The modern-day meaning of the phrase 过河拆桥 actually means to take advantage of someone or something to obtain an objective, then destroying it so that others cannot obtain it also.


  1. Can you use this card on yourself, as in the case of Lu Xun where you have this card and another card and wanted to draw another card?

  2. No. The card description states it can only be used on players other than yourself. I shall include the actual translations in this post!

  3. While removing other players' cards in hand, can you select which card to discard ?

  4. No, you have to pick randomly if you want to discard their hand cards.

  5. It seems that there are different versions of this card. I bought my set in 2012 and it states that this card only be used with your physical range as you can see it in this post: (image:

    1. If the set you bought is indeed the one you linked then you've bought the 3v3 set. The card comparisons shown was just to compare the old cards vs the new ones. They have simply updated the text and none of the function has changed, Dismantle still has unlimited range. However, some hero's skills have been changed or removed since they are useless in 3v3.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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