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Updated 9th March 2012

I would really love for readers to be able to quickly and easily find any card they are looking for. Unfortunately, the "Search" function does not seem to find specific basic cards and tool cards when Hanyu Pinyin is keyed in.

To mediate this problem, I have here a list of the english-translated names for all the cards (minus character cards since the search works well on them). The list is sorted in alphabetical order for the Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation. You can then key in the english name for the card in the search function. Enjoy!

General Nomenclature
chu pai jie duan 出牌阶段 - Action phase
da chu 打出 - Play a card
jiang pai 将牌 - Character cards
jue se pai 角色牌 - Role cards
jue xing ji 觉醒技 - Awakening ability
mo pai jie duan 摸牌阶段 - Drawing phase
pai dui 牌堆 - Deck
pan ding jie duan 判定阶段 - Judgement phase
qi pai 弃牌 - Discard
qi pai jie duan 弃牌阶段 - Discard phase
shi yong 使用 - Use a card
shou pai 手牌 - On-hand cards
suo ding ji 锁定技 - Enforced abilities
ti li liu shi 体力流失 - Loss of health (cannot be attributed to any player)
ti li zhi 体力值 - Health
xian ding ji 限定技 - Single-use abilities
xue pai 血牌 - Health card
zhuang bei 装备 - Equipped items

Role Cards 角色牌

Basic Cards 基本牌

Tool Cards 锦囊牌

Weapons 武器牌

Armour 防具牌

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