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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Unlike some of the other weapons in SGS, the Silver Moon Lance didn’t really exist in history. It’s an imaginary spear that was designed by Kayak, one of the founders of the game. According to Kayak, the aim of this weapon was to introduce Zhao Yun 赵云’s weapon into SGS, yet the name was completely made-up because the real name of Zhao Yun’s weapon could not be found in any records. According to the historical descriptions, we only know that it was a lance, not exactly helpful for generating a "magical" killing tool.

This card first appeared in 2008 when SGS was created, but early players quickly found its ability over-powered, especially when equipped by certain characters. In 2009, YOKA “fixed” the bug by inexplicably making it even more destructive than the Zhu Ge Crossbow 诸葛连弩. It was also a lot more confusing to calculate damage. The writings were clearly on the wall for this card and YOKA removed this weapon altogether from the current deck we know today. As if in repentance for all that power in this weapon, the card is replaced with a NEGATE 无懈可击 card, a form of atonement perhaps for all the units of health that were lost while the Silver Moon Lance roamed.

Special ability:
Whenever you play a black-suited card outside of your turn, you can immediately ask a player within your attacking arrange to play a DODGE 闪 card or else that player will lose one unit of health.

Characters that match this weapon best:
All the characters that have abilities related to black-suit cards. For example, Zhao Yun and Demi-god Zhao Yun (who can use a black-suit ATTACK as a DODGE), Zhen Ji 甄姬 (who can use any black-suit card as a DODGE), Younger Zhuge Liang 卧龙诸葛亮 (who can use any black-suit card as a NEGATE), Sima Yi 司马懿 and Zhang Jiao 张角 (who can replace or exchange cards with their black-suit cards).

Why is it an SP card?
This is probably the first card that became a collectible because it is part of SGS Legend. It is also the only weapon in SGS whose ability can be activated outside of a player’s round. That means it’s not only a weapon but also acts like an armour. It can be incredibly powerful when paired with characters mentioned above. So in order to prevent a game from being over too quickly, the card was removed from SGS. It is for this exact reason that this card has become valued as a collector's item!

How to obtain this weapon?
It is not available on SGS online (and won’t be available in the future either). For obtaining this card (2011 version), you can purchase ZYZ magazine issue #10 (October 2011). If you want to obtain the first-edition card (2008 version), you have to look for it via websites like e-bay and it would be pretty expensive, good luck!

Contributing Writer:
- Cherry Cat

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  1. Too bad this card cannot be used in game


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