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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Acedia 乐不思蜀

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If you read "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", you would know very clearly which historical figure is guilty of acedia (neglecting to take care of something that one should do). I am referring, of course, to Liu Shan 刘禅, son of Liu Bei 刘备, the wimpy ruler of the Kingdom of Shu 蜀国 in the dying days of the Three Kingdoms era. The game-makers ingenuously simulated the consequences of acedia with this ACEDIA card. When you fall victim to ACEDIA, remember to sing, dance and smile gleefully like you were high on crack.

What it does:
The ACEDIA card causes the target player to be unable to take any action during his turn. At the "judgement phase" of the target player's turn, if the judgement card is any suit other than "hearts", the target player has failed the judgement. He or she can proceed with the "drawing phase" and draw 2 cards from the deck, but is prohibited from doing anything else. The turn immediately proceeds to the "discard phase" where the target player will have to discard as many cards as necessary.

How to use it:
ACEDIA is not limited by "physical range". You can use this card on any player during your turn. Simply place the ACEDIA card in front of the equipped item cards of the target player. The card only takes effect during the target player's turn.

Historical Basis:
In the closing decades of the Three Kingdom era, Liu Shan became the emperor of the Kingdom of Shu Han. His incompetence led to the collapse of Shu Han and he ultimately surrendered to Si Ma Zhao 司马昭. Years later, as a powerless figurehead Duke in soft-captivity, a banquet was thrown by Si Ma Zhao where Liu Shan said "I enjoy it here and I do not think of Shu at all." Liu Shan is thus commonly remembered throughout history as an incompetent ruler who only knows enjoyment. Read more about Liu Shan and 乐不思蜀 here.


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