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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Auxiliary Rule Part 8: Hidden Ruler Mode

Posted by Ricky Chua On 8:45 PM 7 comments

Prologue by Ricky:
The Hidden Ruler mode is the first of a compilation of "official" auxiliary rules that was published in Zhuo You Zhi magazine. The post you see below is a direct translation of the original chinese article, thus all credits go to Zhuo You Zhi magazine.

Hidden Ruler mode 暗主公模式

The Hidden Ruler mode is one of the earliest unofficial modes, created based on the standard (25 characters) pack. The rules of this mode are almost the same as the standard ones with a slight difference:

The Ruler 主公 is unknown at the beginning of the game.

Recommended number of players: 4-10

Difficulty in learning this mode: 1 out of 5

Strategy involved: 3 out of 5

Fun factor: 2 out of 5

Basic rules

1. Pick your role card in the same way as the original gameplay. DO NOT EXPOSE YOUR

2. Pick your character in the same way as the original gameplay. YOKA suggests that
every player gets 5 character cards and choose one among them.

3.Game start: Every role card is upside down (which means the Ruler is hidden). And
place your character card normally as the official rule says. Every player’s health units
will be exactly the same as the character’s.

4. Choose a random player and let him or her choose a random number. Start with the
chosen player and count from one to the chosen number counterclockwise. The player
who gets the chosen number gets an additional health unit and has to expose his role
card, then gets to play first.

5. The game’s ending conditions and the Points-scoring system are the same as the
official ones.


1. Every player gets to think about how to play according to the only exposed Role card
and his or her own Role.

2. If you are the hidden Ruler, and you also choose a character with Ruler ability, you can
use the ability if and only if you choose to expose your Role card.

3. If the number of players is odd and the only exposed Role is a Defector, restart the


The players are supposed to guess who the Ruler is in-game according to the situation
and other players’ actions. Though it’d probably cause lots of chaos and be hard to
guess the players’ roles, it would definitely be a new adventure to the people who are
used to playing SGS according to the official rules.

Contributing Writer:
- Cherry Cat


  1. i believe tip 3 is wrongly translated. it should be Defector (内奸). not Rebel.

  2. also wondering how come they made it such that if there are odd number of players and the only exposed role card is Defector, the game would be restarted.

  3. if the exposed role is rebel, the loyalist and ruler will start to attack him. This will make "role-guessing" easier. same if exposed role is ruler. But if the exposed role is defector, then it probably wont be so obvious

  4. Hi Ricky, until now still not changing the Tip 3?

  5. Tip 3 is absolutely alright.

    When there is an odd number of players, Rebels are always at disadvantage: in the early game Defectors almost never expose their identity, so at the beginning there is one more "good guy".

    Now imagine that in this mode a Rebel has been exposed. It will instantly result in one of these two outcomes:

    1. The exposed Rebel will be focused down, thus making it even more difficult for Rebels to win.
    2. The Defector will have to help Rebels, thus revealing his identity. By my experience I can say that such kind of Defectors can hardly survive till duelling with the Ruler. Thus "good guys" have an unfairly high winning probability.

    So imho the tips are stated correctly. But I also wonder what happens if the revealed player is Defector - sounds as unfair as in the case of Rebels.

  6. hi anonymous, if you've read the original mandarin text of the magazine, tip 3 is supposed to be Defector (内奸), not Rebel. ok?

    I am not saying the tip is wrong, im saying that it is wrongly translated from the original text. got it?!

  7. Can you reveal yourself only if you're the Leader?
    When can you reveal yourself exactly?


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