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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lǚ Bù 吕布 (SP008)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 2:37 PM 17 comments
Who is he?
I guess you are already very familiar with him. Lǚ Bù 吕布, the strongest fighter during the whole Three Kingdoms era. There have already been two versions of him in SGS (Neutral Heroes and Demi-God), but they have really outdone themselves this time. These two SP versions are both Demi-Gods, and pretty much insane!

Why is he an SP character? 
Because it’s created for the SP mode: HuLao-Pass. HuLao-Pass Mode is designed according to the story of a famous battle in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. With regards to the HuLao-Pass mode, the game designers said: “Nowadays there are more and more expansions of SGS. People gradually concentrate more and more on the various and complicated abilities of new characters, and forget about the cultural background, the comprehension of the characters’ personalities, and enjoying the balance of the game. The design of HuLao-Pass Mode and this Demi-God version of Lu Bu are supposed to help players get back to the Three Kingdoms’ world and enjoy the simulated battle.”

Translated Description:
“The Myth of the Formidable 最强神话 (zuì qiáng shén huà)”

Character ability 1: “Horsemanship 马术 (mǎ shù)” [Enforced ability] 
You will always be at -1 distance in any range calculations.

(Note: Same ability as Ma Chao 马超)

Character ability 2: “Without Equal 无双(wú shuāng)” [Enforced ability] 
Whenever you use ATTACK杀, your target has to use 2 DODGE 闪 cards to successfully evade the attack. During a DUEL 决斗, your opponent needs to use 2 ATTACK cards for every one ATTACK card that you use.

(Note: Same ability as the original Lu Bu 吕布.)

When your health decreases to 4 units, your character card has to be changed immediately into this next character card.

Translated Description:
“The Furious God of Battle 暴怒的战神(bào nù de zhàn shén)”

Character ability 1: “Horsemanship 马术 (mǎ shù)” [Enforced ability] 
You will always be at -1 distance in any range calculation.

Character ability 2: “Without Equal 无双(wú shuāng)” [Enforced ability] 
Whenever you use ATTACK杀, your target has to use 2 DODGE 闪cards to successfully evade the attack. During a DUEL 决斗, your opponent needs to use 2 ATTACK cards for every one ATTACK card that you use.

Character ability 3: “Asura 修罗(xiū luó)” 
At the beginning of your turn, you can discard one on-hand card in order to discard one Time- Delay Tool Card that is in your Judgement Area. The card you discard must be of the same suit as the Time-Delay Tool Card.

Character ability 4: “Divine Aura 神威 (shén wēi)” [Enforced ability] 
During your drawing phase, you can draw an additional 2 cards. Your on-hand card limit is increased +2.

Character ability 5: “Divine Halberd 神戟 (shén jǐ)” 
When you have no weapon equipped, your ATTACK card can target up to 3 different players.

There are no LIGHTNING 闪电 cards and no expansions SO FAR in HuLao-Pass Mode on SGS online. Since this character is designed for HuLao-Pass Mode, the Time- Delay Tool Cards would only refer to ACEDIA 乐不思蜀.

Ability's relation to story: 
Most of Demi-God Lu Bu’s abilities are extremely aggressive. They just represent his courage, bravery, and exceptional fighting prowess. Also, this Demi-God version of Lu Bu is designed for a battle with three other characters. That’s why he also has some efficient defensive abilities; for example, “Asura” can prevent him from being affected by ACEDIA, “Divinity” can let him have more cards to better defend himself during the game.

Additional info based on story: 
Since these character cards are designed for HuLao-Pass Mode, you really need to know what happened at HuLao-Pass then. Ricky has made an excellent write-up for this story, just check it out on Lu Bu’s page.

Links and resources: 
Lu Bu Wiki
Battle of HuLao Pass Wiki
- Asura Wiki

How to obtain this character? 
Those two cards are available in HuLao-Pass Mode on SGS online now! (Of course VIP only, and there is no way to see them in other modes) For obtaining the cards, purchase ZYZ magazine issue #8 (August 2011).

Contributing Writer:
Cherry Cat


  1. As I have mentioned in the e-mail, there is repetition of names of abilities. Both Sun Ce and God-o-war Lu Bu possess abilities named as "Divine Aura".

    P.S. There are more tips of Hulao Pass Mode in ZYZ #8 and #9. It explains how to play Hulao Pass Mode in homeplay.

  2. where else can we find out how to play HuLao-Pass Mode? and can the character flip back to the first lu bu after the 2nd lu bu uses peach and increases his life to 5 units?

  3. the Hulao-Pass Mode in a nutshell:

    Basically, its for four players. And the associated packs are the original SGS pack plus the Wind expansion pack, nothing else. There will also be no Thunder/Lighting as stated above.

    There are four roles in this game, there is Lu Bu, there is the 前鋒( lets say, vanguard for now), there is the 中堅 (middle person/support), and last but not least there is the
    大將 (general)
    The sitting positions of the above roles are (in an anti-clockwise direction): Lu Bu->vanguard->middle person->general.
    The differences between these three roles are, at the beginning of the game, you pick three characters for each role, not for Lu Bu of course because you are Lu bu. Then you deal the cards as follows, Lu Bu will have 8, vanguard will have 3, middle person will have 4, and the general will have 5.
    There are two phases in this game mode; Lu Bu has two phases, so at the beginning Lu Bu will have 8 units of health, the first phase.

    The two phases will have different rules with respect to who moves first and who moves next..and so forth.

    First phase will have vanguard, who has 3 cards dealt to at the beginning of the game, draw 2 cards from the cards pile and and do all he/she wants, after vanguard has finished with his turn, Lu Bu will move next, he will again draw 2 cards and do what he wants, and he can keep 8 cards (assume he hasn't been hurt). Next it will be the middle person's turn, he draw 2 cards, do all his stuff and end turn, then it will be Lu Bu's turn again, then after Lu Bu has done all his stuff, it will be the general's turn, he draws 2 all his good stuff. When the general finishes his turn, Lu Bu will draw 2 cards again..and after that it will go back to the vanguard's turn to draw two..and the cycle goes on and on until Lu Bu gets to 4 units of health or lower.

    Phase two happens when Lu Bu gets to 4 units of health or lower, when that happens Lu Bu will enter his second phase with 4 units of health. When Lu bu transform into this phase, the preceding player's turn end immediately (that means the player who caused Lu Bu to enter his second phase will stop what he/she is doing and there will no discarding etc.) Lu Bu will then get 4 cards and start his turn, he can do all his good stuff, and after Lu Bu's turn, vanguard will draw 2 his stuff, end turn, then unlike the first phase, after vanguard's turn middle person will enter his turn, draw 2 do his stuff. After middle person finishes, the general will draw 2 and do all his stuff and so forth...after general finishes his turn, Lu Bu will draw 4 again, and do his stuff..and the cycle goes on and on.

  4. Special rules in this game are:

    -No lighting/Thunder
    -Any unequipped weapons can be discarded and you can draw one card from the card pile (just like the second function of shackles)
    -All auxiliary rules that apply in the normal mode apply in this mode too
    -If there is any reason that Lu Bu immediately falls from 5 health (first phase) to 3 health, he will not enter his second phase with 3 health, Lu Bu always starts at 4 health no matter what at the beginning of phase two.
    -When any of your team mates die, they can resurrect, but they can only recover after 6 rounds, by six rounds I mean if vanguard dies, he has to wait until all players have finished their turn and vanguard acts again (in this case he can't because he is dead), that counts as one round.
    -When any of your team mates die, the other two can draw one card from the card pile, and again, anti clockwise style.

  5. there is one more thing to add on, when you wait to be resurrected, while you are waiting for 6 rounds...for every round you 'recover' one unit of health, after you have waited for three rounds, those characters who have health limit of 3 health will have their hp filled, so on the forth round, you draw one card from the card pile, and so forth until you are resurrected. So people using their logic appropriately, characters with 3 health points max will get 3 on hand cards to start with when they resurrect, and characters with 4 health points max will get 2 cards to start with.

    Please be aware that after you have resurrected for 6 rounds, you are automatically put back into the game even though you cannot act in that round because in that round you act by being fully resurrected, so in that case if someone use barbarians, you have to play/use Attack, and also you can negate, or even save your team mates.

    Also you can die for countless times and resurrect, the catch is that there is at least one of your team mates still alive.

  6. And once the deck is reshuffled twice, meaning you are playing the card deck for the third time now, and once this deck is used up, the game ends in a draw.

  7. ^one thing to add on
    if you include the Battle Expansion Pack, the game comes to a draw after the deck is reshuffled the third time, so that means 1 more round if you include stuff like wine and etc

    1. hi lordleoperd, 2 qns here;

      1: if lets say lu bu is still in mode one (the one with 8 lives), and the vanguard dies. so when its the vanguard's turn again, he adds 1 to his life. with lu bu go next after vanguard adds 1 to his life, or it will be the middle person's turn?

      2: can we use the normal lu bu as one of the 3 characters?

      Thanks for your attention.

    2. Maybe I can answer you.

      1. It would be Boss Lu Bu's turn.

      2. Yes, you can, although it would be strange.

    3. Hi sir, your answer to qn 1 don't tally with the game play on sgs online. When vanguard adds 1 health it's the middle persons turn. Part of the strategy for using Lu bu is to keep everyone alive when in mode 1 so that god Lu bu gets as many turns as possible and weakens everyone evenly before he goes into mode 2 and damage everyone at the same time

    4. In Qn1, it is still in Mode 1. After vanguard adds 1 health, it's DG Lu Bu's turn. Or do I misunderstand the question?

    5. Oh, I misunderstand the question. It should be Mid Guard's turn. Please accept my apologies...

  8. just a comment on the ability 5:
    Character ability 5: “Divine Halberd 神戟 (shén jǐ)”
    When you have no weapon equipped, your ATTACK card can target up to 3 different players.

    If you read the card it says you can choose an addition 3 players to be targetted by [sha]. I.e. total of 4 players can be targetted.

    1. wrong, it says 你使用的[杀]可指定至多三名角色为目标.

      this means to say, the ATTACK card that you played can target AT MOST 3 characters.

      至多 means "at most", not "additional".

  9. The description of the 2nd card should be: "Lu Bu is back.. and he's pissed"

  10. "When vanguard adds 1 health" > when does he add 1 health? It's not written on this page.


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