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Thursday, December 8, 2011

One of the most famous weapons in the Romance of Three Kingdoms story, the HEAVEN SCORCHER HALBERD was the weapon that Lu Bu 吕布 used. This weapon went through as much drama as it's owner did, such as almost becoming collateral damage in the love triangle between Lu Bu, Diao Chan 貂蝉 and Dong Zhuo 董卓. Nevertheless, it was a weapon feared by Lu Bu's enemies.

Attacking Range: 4

Special ability:
When the ATTACK 杀 card used is the last card that is on-hand, you can target up to 3 different players within your attacking range. 

Characters that match this weapon best:
This is a fantastic weapon for its owner, Lu Bu. Even without this weapon, Lu Bu has a lot to be feared since 2 DODGE cards need to be used to evade his one ATTACK. Imagine when Lu Bu can strike 3 players when his ATTACK is the last card on hand. For all 3 players to evade successfully, a total of 6 DODGE cards would be been used up! The more likely scenario is all 3 players suffer damage because chances are, they would not be holding 2 DODGES on hand.

Other characters that match the HEAVEN SCORCHER HALBERD very nicely are those that have an advantage when they have as few cards on-hand as possible. These include Elder Zhu Ge Liang 暮年诸葛亮 and Lu Xun 陆逊.


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