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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A battle axe of questionable origin. The ROCK CLEAVING AXE may undoubtedly be a fantastic weapon in the card game, but it is raising a lot of questions about how its original owner is in the Romance of Three Kingdoms story. So far, the two most likely heroes that may have used this axe are Xu Huang 徐晃 and Xu Chu 许褚. As this weapon does not seem to bring any special advantage to any particular character, I'm tempted to say that this weapon did not actually exist in the story at all. Game maker says "Hey we need an axe as a weapon card. Don't all RPGs have an axe? Let's just give it some ancient sounding name like 贯石斧."

Attacking Range: 3

Special ability:
When your ATTACK 杀 has been evaded, you can choose to discard any 2 cards (on-hand or equipped) and force the relevant damage back on to the targeted player. You should realize that by doing so, you are effectively using up 3 cards (1 ATTACK and 2 discarded) just to force that damage, so it better be worth it!

Let me be honest and say that I did not translate the chinese instructions for the special ability literally. That is because the literal translation is "when your ATTACK has been neutralized (抵消)..." Now everyones inference of ATTACK getting neutralized varies. Some say it has to be DODGED, others say a deflection such as Da Qiao 大乔's "Displacement 流离" counts, while others say to "neutralize" requires the ATTACK to be rendered ineffective. I have chosen to replace "neutralized" with "evaded", which should disambiguate things a little. As long as the ATTACK was meant for a player, but he or she did not receive damage as a result of the ATTACK, that would be considered as being evaded.

- DODGE is considered evaded
- Da Qiao's "Displacement" ability is considered evaded

But Xiao Qiao 小乔's "Heavenly Scent 天香" ability is NOT considered evaded since that only deflects the damage already received, and not the ATTACK itself.

Characters that match this weapon best:
Xu Chu is a relatively good match since his "Bare-Chested 裸衣" ability allows him to deal 2 units of damage. To allow your opponent to evade that ATTACK is going too easy on him. However I still feel the ROCK CLEAVING AXE is useful to any character. Perhaps you have an opinion that I would love to hear. Drop me a comment!


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