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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Harvest 五谷丰登

Posted by Ricky Chua On 10:19 PM No comments
Share the joy, give everyone in play an extra card! When HARVEST is used, everyone is happy... everyone except the player whose turn is just before yours. Though this is usually seen as a defensive tool card, expert players know how to use this card as an offensive against certain characters. Read on to find out more!

What it does:
When this card is played, cards from the deck are flipped around for every player to see. Flip open as many cards as there are players still in play (5 players still alive, flip 5 cards). The player who used HARVEST gets to choose which card he or she wants first. This is followed by the player after him or her, and so on until the final card is taken by the player whose turn was just before the user. In this way, the user has the most cards to choose from, and the player to his left (if play is anticlockwise) has no choice since only 1 card is left.

How to use it:
Toss the card into the discard pile, then flip open as many cards on to the playing surface as there are players.

Offensive strategy:
Since the HARVEST card is a tool card, it is subject to NEGATE 无懈可击. One option that works is to use NEGATE to deny an opponent a chance to pick up a card. Toss in NEGATE when its your opponent's turn and there is a chance he or she will pick up DODGE. This way your teammates may have picked up ATTACK and your opponent will be one DODGE short.

The other option is to force a player to take a card, and by doing so it puts that player in a disadvantage. For example, a player using Elder Zhu Ge Liang 暮年诸葛亮 is impervious to ATTACK and DUEL when he or she has no cards on hand (the "Empty City 空城" ability). Using HARVEST forces the player to pick up a card, thus the Empty City ability is not longer in effect.

The phrase 五谷丰登 does not come from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It simply symbolizes a bountiful harvest. The first 2 words 五谷 refers to the 5 basic types of crop in ancient times. The 5 crops are as follows:

1. 黍 (shu) - Proso Millet or Broomcorn (used in birdseed)
2. 稷 (ji) - Foxtail Millet, also referred to as "yellow rice".
3. 麦 (mai) - Wheat
4. 菽 (shu) - Soybean
5. 稻 (dao) - Rice


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