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Monday, December 19, 2011

Article Contributed by: 
- Kalvin Li

Dual Characters, as the name kinda suggests, this rule involves you possessing two character’s abilities and health. For example: Sun Quan and Lu Bu, they will have 8 health and have both their abilities. This game mode can incorporate the expansion pack, expansion characters and even Demi-Gods if you wish. Of course there are certain loop-holes in this mode such as Hua Tuo 华佗 and Huang Gai 黄盖 combined.

The gender of a pair of characters can be determined by his or her health: You take on the gender of the character with higher max health limit. For example, Zhu Rong 祝融 (Female, 4 Health) and Lu Xun 陆逊 (Male, 3 health), you would be female. If both of your characters have the same amount of health and they are of different gender, you are considered “Unisex”, and that makes you vulnerable to all gender-related abilities and implications.

The allegiance of a pair of characters can be determined in the same way as gender (higher max health), but if both your characters have the same health, the Ruler will choose your allegiance for you at the start of the game. If one of the pair of characters you have chosen is a Ruler Character, then you are automatically that character’s allegiance.

Of course, there are different adjustments for different game types.

3 on 3:
Besides the character distribution process, everything else remains the same. Instead of the characters being selected by the Defector 内奸 and the Ruler 主公, the players are handed out 4 characters to choose from. Each player can swap 1 character with any other player but the characters must be placed face down when swapped (like a points duel), this is called the “Swapping Phase”. The Ruler and the Defector may look and choose their loyalist or rebel’s characters at their team mate’s characters only after the “Swapping Phase”.

5-10 Players:
Rules that were previously mentions and can be applied will be applied The only difference is the Ruler’s Character selection. At the start of the game he is handed 3 Ruler Characters to choose from. The players must select which Ruler Character he/she wants to be, they are THEN handed 2 other characters to choose as their second of the pair.


  1. I have played with many different combinations of characters and these are the loopholes we have found.
    1. Zhang Jiao 張角 + Zhen Ji 甄姬: this combination leads to infinite "Goddess Luo" (Luo Sen) 洛神 since he will always have black cards for "Dark Sorcery" 鬼道 (Gui Dao)
    2. Lu Xun 陸遜 + Liu Bei 劉備: this combination means the cards from "One after another" 連營 (Lian Ying) will infinitely be given away using "Benevolence" 仁德 (Ren De)
    3. Younger Zhu Ge Liang 臥龍諸葛亮 + Huang Yue Ying 黄月英: Upon using "Arson" 火計 (Huo Ji) and "Scient" 看破 (Kan Po), the ability "Assembling Wisdom" 集智 (Ji Zhi) activates and gives another cards, thus the cards can almost be infinitely swapped since any card in the deck can be considered a 錦囊牌.

    Just pointing it out that Hua Tuo 華佗 + Huang Gai 黃蓋 (as mentioned above) is not a loophole since "Emergency Rescue" 急救 (Ji Jiu) can only be used OUTSIDE of his turn!

  2. For your reference, here are all prohibited characters and pairs.

    Prohibited characters: Hua Tuo, Zhou Tai, Yu Ji, Dong Zhuo, Demi-god Cao Cao

    Prohibited pairs:

    1. Lu Xun (and probably Zhang Chunhua) + Liu Bei/ Elder Zhuge Liang/ Dual Heroes

    2. Lady Zhen + Sima Yi and Zhang Jiao

    3. Huang Yue Ying + Zhuge Liang/ Dual Heroes/ Yuan Shao/ Gan Ning

    4. DG Lu Bu + Cao Ren

    5. Sun Shangxiang + Sun Quan/ Ling Tong

    6. Huang Gai + Lady Wu/ Dual Heroes/ Yuan Shao (and Probably Zhang Fei!)

    7. Lady Wu + Guo Jia/ Xun Yu

    ... and other characters like

    1. Xu Shu + Elder Zhuge Liang

    2. Deng Ai + Sima Yi/ Zhang Jiao

    3. Lu Xun + Younger Zhuge Liang

    4. Cao Ren + Cao Zhi

    5. Dian Wei + Wei Yan

    6. Lu Meng + Yuan Shu

    P.S. For health calculation, adding health bar of two characters would result in exaggerated health, inadaquete number of health cards (although you may add two of them) and extra long playing time and some abnormal abilities (those concerning losss health, such as Zhang Chunhua, Sun Jian and DG Zhao Yun). Subtract the combined health by 3 (4+4-3=5, 4+3-3=4, 3+3-3=3) would give you a better result.

  3. In my opinion for this mode we use normal health bars, albeit you must chose the lowest of the chosen characters. Characters with 3 hp were given that amount purely because they have abilities that surpass characters with 4 hp and are usually more apt for combos in this mode. An example is if you were given a male with 4 life and a female with 3 life you would ultimately take on all traits of the character with the lowest life. This helps with the abilities because as 零時色 said there would be difficulty with characters that had "life thus far" abilities. This way no one should ever have 8hp from dong zhuo either.

  4. Hua Tuo's peaching ability is outside of his own turn, if you combine Huang Gai with him you can self heal a maximum of once per turn. I don't see it as being that rigged.

  5. I don't get how roles are chosen. You can have both the Leader and a Rebel as your two cards "combined" into one?


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